A home we recently purchased in Boynton Beach

Selling a home can be tough, logistically and emotionally. The housing market remains strong across Florida, and the Boynton Beach remains competitive with average prices on the rise from month to month. 

Even when the market is good, though, it’s not always simple to sell your house at the right price, on the right terms, and at the right time. From finding a realtor you trust to the many tricky clauses and lowball offers that often plague the negotiation process, you want to partner with a company that will work with you to circumvent the typical pitfalls of selling a home and get the best value for your property. 



When you work with Florida Home Buyers, you’re winning freedom to sell your home on your schedule, at your price, and on your terms.

This means:


When you sell a home through a real estate agent, there’s one last surprise when all is said and done: a commission, or a percentage of the sale paid out to the agent. When you work with Florida Home Buyers, commissions are a thing of the past—we’re your homebuyer, and the price you see is what you get.


We believe the power to sell a home should be in your hands—fair, transparent, and upfront. That’s why we never have closing costs, and we don’t care about any repairs that need to be made. Your sale comes first. 


Months of waiting for interested buyers are a thing of the past. With Florida Home Buyers, you can rest assured knowing your house will be sold quickly and responsively—most people see their homes sold in around seven days. 

Ready to sell your home? Give our professional home buyers at FL Home Buyers a call and set up your appointment today.

An example of the types of homes we purchase for cash in the Boynton Beach area


For too long, the process of selling a home has been opaque, messy, and confusing. We believe that it should be quick, clear, and easy to sell a home, so that you never have to worry about all the extras. At Florida Home Buyers, we’ve made our home-buying process a science with three simple, easy steps that get you from where you are to where you want to be.

  1. Make An Appointment. Sign up for a totally free appointment and meet with our professional home buyers. They’ll visit your house and identify your opportunities in a way that’s transparent and quick. You’re not locked in to anything at this point—if you choose to walk away, you’re free to do so! The purpose of this meeting is to let us evaluate your property and give you a chance to learn more and ask any questions about working with Florida Home Buyers.
  2. Get Your Offer. Once we’ve assessed your property and you’ve decided to move forward with Florida Home Buyers, we’ll make you an offer—in real cash, right now. There aren’t any closing costs to worry about, and we’ll take care of any repairs after purchase. You get to choose the day of closing, so don’t worry about fitting our schedule—we can close as quickly or as slowly as you want to.
  3. Get Your Home Sold! Once you’ve accepted the offer, the hard work is done—Florida Home Buyers cuts out the usual legwork associated with selling a house. Just sign on the dotted line when you receive the purchase agreement, and the tough work is done.

Our Customers

There are many reasons why someone might choose to sell a home, and at Florida Home Buyers, we work with all of them. Whether your home is in pristine condition or in need of major repairs, chances are we’ve faced circumstances like yours before—and know how to get your house sold. 

The fact is, at FL Home Buyers we’ve seen it all: houses in poor conditions, homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure, difficult tenant situations, probate situations, and more. Whether you want to speed things up and sell your home quickly or just want to cut through the stress of traditional home sales, we’re your one-stop solution for selling your house in Boynton Beach. Guaranteed. 

Our ‘As-Is’ Contract

“I received an offer as soon as I put my home on the market,” one client told us, “but the list of repairs was sky-high! I couldn’t afford to make all those repairs and still sell my home in time.”

The truth is that many homes received properties within days of going on the market—and, shortly thereafter, a long list of request repairs and custom contracts follows. FL Home Buyers eliminates the need for these overly complicated guidelines with a standard “as is” purchase agreement designed by Florida Realtors and the Florida Bar. This agreement indemnifies home sellers from repair obligations—so you can sell your house with true peace of mind, and leave the dirty work up to us. 

A home we purchased in Boynton Beach

Why Work With Us?

At Florida Home Buyers, we believe the process of selling your home should be fast, fair, and easy. To this end, we make a promise to all our customers for a simplified, streamlined process that gets you what you need: a contract that works for you, the freedom to choose, and a sold home. Here are just a few of the ways Florida Home Buyers puts your satisfaction first.

EASY PROOF OF FUNDS. It’s unfortunate, but many home buying companies are not working in your best interest—and you can tell by asking about the contract and proof of funds. At Florida Home Buyers, we easily provide proof of funds and cut your check quickly.

TIP: always ask for proof of funds once you’re at the offer stage, whether with a homebuying company or with an individual buyer! 

NO CLOSING COSTS. Closing costs can be a financial burden—think surprise fees and taxes including document stamp taxes, closing agent fees, title fees, and more. When you work with Florida Home Buyers, no closing costs = no fuss.

NO COMMISSION. When you work with a traditional real estate agency, you’re often on the hook for commission—up to a whopping 6% of the total sale price. Since we buy from you directly, there’s no need for a real estate agent—which means the price you see is the price you get. No commission to worry about.

CHOOSE YOUR CLOSING DATE. Your timeline is critical. Working with Florida Home Buyers, you have the ability to choose the closing date that works best for you and your life. Cut down on the worries and reclaim control of your schedule, whether that means a closing day now or later.

We also buy houses in the neighboring towns such as West Palm Beach and Delray Beach. In a smaller area? No worries, we have experience buying homes in Lake WorthWellingtonJupiterRiviera BeachLantana, and even Palm Beach Gardens. So give us a call to get a cash offer on your home today!

If you’re ready to take the next step on your path towards selling your home, contact our professionals at Florida Home Buyers today and set up your free appointment!