How To Sell A Condemned House Fast

Condemned Houses

The term “condemned house” may seem like something dark or spooky, but the main definition of a condemned house is one that the government has deemed no longer safe to live in, usually due to unsafe housing code violations. When this happens, the owners or people who live in the house either have to prove that they can fix the problem, actually fix the problem, or be forced to leave their home by a certain date or time.

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What Is A Condemned House?

A house may reach condemned status for many different reasons. This includes; the building being vacant or boarded up for more than sixty days, utilities being discontinued, specific hazards have been noticed by an inspector that deems the house unsafe to live in, the building is considered dilapidated, or there is a housing hygiene problem. In most every case, you will be notified before it reaches that status that your home has problems that need fixing or you will no longer be allowed to live there, giving you enough time to fix the problem. Reaching condemned housing status is often a very last resort.

If your house has reached condemned housing status, you will need to either fix the problem in a timely manner or be forced to leave. For many house owners, this may include negotiating a rehabilitation or repair agreement with the housing authority that owns the building, which can take on many different forms, depending on each individual situation. Even with an agreement, the problem will have to be fixed in order for a condemned housing status to be potentially reversed.

Condemned House

Depending on the kind of house that you live in, requirements as to what is expected in a house that is considered livable may differ. For most houses though, in order for it to be considered livable the house needs to have the basic necessities, such as running hot and cold water, proper plumbing, ventilation, heat, and proper electrical outlets and light fixtures. One of the major items city inspectors look at is air conditioning and heating. In Florida, there must be an adequate air conditioning system in the property in order to make the home livable. There is also a responsibility for the homeowner to keep the house clean and pest free along with making sure the house stays in good structural condition. If you continue to inspect and take care of all of the house’s basic needs, you will most likely not find yourself facing a condemned housing status unless the government decides to claim it as public property. We will expand on this in the next section.

Construction Purposes

Even if your house is in perfect condition and follows all of the rules, you may still find yourself looking at a condemned home status if the city or government decides the place needs to be used for construction, especially if it is on public property. There is a law that states that the government is allowed to have the power of eminent domain, allowing them to take property not because of the condition of the property, but rather where it is located. In situations like this, a house or property may be considered condemned and marked for demolition, just like if it was a park or a different public space. This is a rare occurrence, and usually only happens if the government wants the property to use for projects such as highways, parks, airports, public facilities, or any other types of private projects that they may have that will serve the public good.

Potential Government Compensation

In the case of any of the types of situations discussed above where your house is in perfect condition and is still claimed as condemned by the government, you may be able to receive compensation from the government. In the case of eminent domain, the government will most likely try to reach an agreement with you, the property owner, and will make an effort to fairly compensate you. This will most likely be in the form of a written payment offer, known as a pro-tanto award. If you feel that the award you are offered is not enough, you may be able to decline it and seek your own appraisal. In this case, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately, as you may find yourself faced with a deadline to submit your own appraisal.

What Happens If Your House Is Condemned?

If a house is officially condemned, it is usually as a last resort in that all other efforts have failed to improve the condition of the building or home. This usually occurs only if a home owner or tenant has been asked to fix the problem or problems in the house multiple times and the problem has still not been fixed. If this occurs, all home owners and tenants are notified in writing and asked to vacate. In most cases a sign is then attached to the building, stating that it is no longer fit for habitation. In some circumstances the owner may be ordered to repair or demolish the building themselves.

Condemned Houses

Sometimes, the building may also be protected against the winter weather if officially condemned, in that the government will help to protect it from damage by doing things such as disconnecting the gas, shutting off electric power, and draining plumbing fixtures and water pipes.

If you are faced with a condemned housing status, it is important to respond to any complaints as quickly as possible, along with seeking legal counsel about what steps you should take next, which again may include you finding yourself thinking, “I need to sell my house fast!”. FL Home Buyers can help with that.

Sell Your Condemned House Fast

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