Does Florida Have the Quickest Closing Cycle?

Quickest Closing Cycle

When you are caught in a situation and in need of cash a day can feel like a week. Time seems to slow down and a closing that takes place in 7 days feels like it’s 7 weeks away.

Most South Floridians do not know how lucky we are when it comes to how long the process takes to sell your home in comparison to some other states. In New York, the time from the day the offer is written to the day you get paid is between 60-90 days. California is between 30-60 days. In Florida, our closing cycle is about 3 times faster than a quick closing in California.

If the neighborhood is not in an HOA, the things that the title company needs to give us a thumbs up to pay you and close is a clear title and a clean lien search. It all depends on the efficiency of the respective cities’ administrative offices. I have seen results take anywhere from 3 to 14 business days.

When paying in cash, as we do, we avoid ALL of the processes and paperwork (47 days on average) that a regular mortgage transaction brings along.