Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Eviction?


It is in every landlord’s right to do their own evictions and handle the paperwork themselves. You do not need to have a law firm represent you. As real estate professionals here at FL Home Buyers, we feel it is best to leave these kinds of things to the professionals. The lawyers at your local law firm should know their local eviction processes and its caveats like the back of their hand. Any reputable law firm should know the exact way to file each notice and how to file the specific documents in order to be the most efficient and give you the best outcome.

Generally, the costs involved when hiring a local law firm to do your eviction will cost anywhere from $300 to $700 dollars from start to finish. This cost is assuming that it is a straightforward case and that the tenant does not make an appearance in court and cause any extra issues. You need to ask up front what their hourly rate is if they are needed to appear in court. For safe measure, you should include one or two hours of their time in your budget just in case the process doesn’t go smoothly.

Overall, it is more costly to hire a lawyer. What you are paying for is someone’s experience who has been through this process more times than you can count. Another positive is that it may be a good idea to hire a lawyer for one eviction just to learn the proper way to write notices and file documents. That way the next time you face the eviction issue, you have the confidence to do it yourself.

If you are the do it yourself type of person, you have the resources and tools available to you to make it happen. Thankfully, the majority of counties in the state of Florida have all of their online rules, regulations, paperwork, and processes available online. Here are the eviction resources for some counties in South Florida:

Upon first glance it may seem overwhelming, but if you read our article that walks through all of the steps of the Eviction process you should have a better understanding. 

Going through the eviction process is not the only option you have. You could always give us a call and see what our no-obligation cash offer is for your property. We buy houses fast with tenants in them all the time, it is a common issue that we are always helping homeowners like yourself deal with.