We Buy Houses Melbourne

The Melbourne, Florida housing market is booming. It has been reported that this market has been growing steadily at an annual rate of 5.3%. Currently classified as a seller’s market, there are more people looking for houses than those who are selling. This means that finding a client, when you decide to sell your home, is not difficult. The problem is that you do not just want any client. Despite the demand being high, finding a suitable buyer is not easy for many home sellers. You want someone who pays you the actual value of the home without costing too much in commissions, repairs, appraisal, and legal fees.

If you want to sell your house fast, you should consider avoiding using realtors. These will take their sweet time and when they finally close the sale they will want you to pay them a hefty commission. With realtor fees averaging 6%, you will lose a lot of money in these fees. Many will also require you to carry out repairs and renovations before putting the house up for sale. These and other inconveniences will only make it harder to sell the home and stress you out. To avoid all this, sell your house to us, FL Home Buyers. We buy houses from willing home buyers and pay in cash so they can get on with their lives. Why us? What can you expect when you decide to choose us? We answer all your questions below.

How We Work

Our friendly team is always ready and waiting for you. You may get in touch with us through our phone lines, fill in the form on our website or send us an email. You will get fast response with a few questions asked as our team strives to know more about the property. Some questions to expect include how big the property is, the current condition of the property and whether it is occupied or vacant. It is during this time that we will agree whether to plan a visit to the site or you will send us photos.

On the agreed date, a few members of our cash home buyers team members will come to visit the property and have a look around. This trip helps us get a picture of the condition of the property. If you are unable to show us the property in person, you may send us photos. We will then agree on the price and possible closing date. We will then prepare a purchase agreement that we highly advise you to go through keenly before signing. We may organize for personal signing or you can sign it electronically.

We have agreed and now all that is standing in our way are a few legalities. We will run a lien and title search on the property. This process may take between 3 and 10 business days but usually, we are able to close within 7 days. That is a super quick house sale considering that the average duration for selling your house in Melbourne is 50 days.

The final step for us cash home buyers is to hand over the money to you. This is what is called the closing day in real estate. On this day we will hand over the money to you and you surrender all the rights to the properties to us. You get to walk away with your money without having to pay any fees. You can choose to get paid via check, money order or wire transfer. The wire transfer is the fastest method and the most widely used. Using this, you will have your money in an hour!

How can we buy houses so fast without charging any fees? We are not realtors. We are a company that has set aside money to purchase homes as they are, in cash. We are here to help homeowners make quick sales and move on with their lives. We do not require homeowners to repair anything. We buy the home as it is to save you the money and time you would have spent on this.

Who We Work With

There are so many reasons why people sell their homes in Melbourne, FL. It may be because you are moving to a different state or country for school, work, family or any other reason. Perhaps you just came across better property you would like to invest in. These are great reasons to be selling and we will help you get a quick house sale and get the funds you need to make your next move.

Other people sell their homes due to pressing circumstances and we are here for them. Whether you want to avoid foreclosure or move to a smaller, more affordable home, we will buy your house fast and ease your stress. Even if your property requires expensive repairs that you are unable to fund at the moment, we will take charge of the property – pay for it and later on carry out the repairs. On the other hand, there are people battling with probate issues. The process can be long and frustrating but we have dealt with people in your shoes before. We have been able to help them and we can help you too. Do you have a property with a lien? We do not mind buying that as well!

There is no one who needs to sell their property fast like someone who needs to get emotional healing from this action. It could be that someone you lived with passed on, you just got a divorce or have retired and want to move to a state you always wished to live in. No matter what the reason is, we will help you sell your house fast and easily.

We work with any homeowner in Melbourne, Florida that wants to get a quick cash offer. Our process is straightforward and fast. Without fees to worry about, we are your best option when in distress. Even when you are not in distress, you may want to sell your property fast and move on. We can pay for it in seven days. Talk to us today and let us get started.

How We Sell Your Home Fast in Melbourne

Finding someone who can sell your home fast in Melbourne is a blessing. Finding FL Home Buyers is even better! We buy your house fast, in cash.

There are many realtors in Melbourne who will willingly accept your request to help sell your house. Indeed they will help you sell the house but this will take a long time. Also, their fees are quite high. As soon as you put a property up for sale you will get several offers but sieving through these to get the genuine buyers will take time. Many of the contracts you will be offered will require you to make costly repairs. It is important to look for a buyer who takes the property as is and this should be clearly stipulated in the sale agreement.

As a home buying company, we have armed ourselves with the money we need to help you sell your house quickly. We have ready cash to pay for your property. If you need proof of funds we are more than ready to give it. Unlike other home buying companies that do not want to provide proof of funds, we will give ours and let you be the judge.

With ready cash a willingness to purchase any property on offer regardless of repair and cleanup needs, we are a leading home buying solution. We will help any home seller in Melbourne close fast.

Sell My House Fast In Melbourne

This is a worry that many people have. Selling a house is not easy and more often than not, it takes a long time. How can I sell my house fast in Melbourne, FL?

There are several options how you can sell your house. The first and the most commonly used method is through a real estate agent. This method is convenient because the agent handles everything about the property sale. From putting the property up for sale to closing the deal, it is all up to the agent. They will consult with the home owner from time to time but the home owner loses say in the process of selling the house. Selling houses through real estate agents takes a lot of time because of the legalities involved. Plus, there are no ready buyers, the agent has to search for people looking for homes, show them your property among many others and all you can do is hope they like yours. Real estate agents do not only deal with cash home buyers, they also have mortgage and home loan clients who may purchase your home with an even longer process. By the time the deal is closed, you will need to give some thousand dollars to the agent as their commission.

Another option for a quick home sale is for sale by owner (FSBO). In this case, you deal with everything about the house sale on your own. You will be the one looking for clients, talking to them and handling all the processes associated with the house sale. This method is very tasking and will take a long time. Remember you do not know anything about selling houses so you will be learning in the process. High chances are that you will make a mistake which may be very costly and even lead to losses. The advantage of this method is that you will keep 100% of the returns you will get from the sale of the house.

The final and best option is to make use of investors. These are cash home buyers who will buy the house as it is and pay your cash within a short while. You do not need to make any repairs, which can be very costly. The time it takes to sell a house using this method is very short. You only need to identify an investor like FL Home Buyers, get in touch and close in a few days. With some of the tedious processes involved in selling a home not needed in this method, the time it takes is really short. There is no need for appraising, marketing, and organizing showings, and inspection.
Of the methods above, the use of cash home buyers is hands-down, the best option for selling your house fast in Melbourne. Talk to us today and we will save you all the stress. We will give you the money you want and close in a very short while. There are no extra costs on your side and the process is very easy. We will not disappoint you as a mortgage client would. It has actually been reported that 17% of failed property sales are due to the inability to secure a loan by the potential client. With us, you can rest assured that you will get your money. Need more proof? Ask us for proof of funds and we will be delighted to show it.