Spring Hill Cash Home Buyers

Are you looking to sell your house fast for cash? Selling a house can be very difficult especially with how Covid-19 has negatively impacted the economy. In fact, more than 68 percent of the population in the United States is struggling with their financial situation.

The best way to sell your house fast is by working with the right real estate agent. This move will help to market your house better. The great thing is that we buy houses so we are ready and willing to help you sell your property quickly in the current market. We are cash home buyers; therefore we will ensure that you get the proceeds from the sale of your house as soon as possible.

We buy houses in Spring Hill Florida

Selling property is not as easy as most people may think. Sometimes you may have a significant attachment to the home because of all the memories you have. You may have grew up in the house, raised your family in the house, had a life changing event occur in the house, hosted important people and friends in the house, or received the house as a gift from someone important to you. Perhaps times are tough and you have no option but to sell the house for financial purposes. These memories and bittersweet emotions may affect your perspective when selling the house. Our main goal as professional cash home buyers is to ensure that we sell your house as fast as possible so that you can get the money and peace of mind that you need.

If you are in Spring Hill Florida and are planning to sell your home, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. During difficult financial times finding a reputable and honest realtor can be quite challenging. We as cash home buyers promise to find the best deal for your house as fast as possible. Our process is very transparent and we will involve you in every step of the sale.

Do you know that it is possible for your house to stay in the real estate market for more than 12 months? This tends to happen if a house needs repairs. If you do not have the finances to repair your home and make it look brand new, people may not find any interest in it. As cash home buyers, we guarantee you better luck in a quick house sale because we will buy your house in its present condition. When you collaborate with us, you will avoid a lot of hustles that come with selling property such as steep tariffs and high realtor fees that will only cause more problems than they are worth.

Why should you choose us? Here at FL Home Buyers we do not charge any real estate fees, tariffs, closing costs, or other hidden charges. As trained cash home buyers, we help our clients solve problems such as handling foreclosure, dealing with difficult tenants, and issues arising from an inherited house. Let us take the stress away from you and deal with the sale matters on your behalf.

The great reason why you need to work with FL Home Buyers is that we extend your stay in your house even after we have bought it from you. You will still get the money immediately, but you do not have to move out once you get the cash. This gives you more time to figure out where you will go and what you will do next. Once you have everything sorted, you can select the date you wish to move out of the house.

How we work

Some major demerits of selling a house are the tedious processes involved and the never ending dealings. To avoid this time consuming process, we offer to buy your house in Spring Hill, Florida. You can be sure to expect money from the sale of the house from us within 7 days. Our process is not only fast and effective, but also legal.

Do you want to work with us? All you have to do is follow three simple steps to kick off the process of selling the house. We buy all sorts of houses be it multi-family, single family, townhouse, or apartment types. Here are the three steps you can follow:

Submit your details online or call us

Once you get in touch with us and set up a meeting, we will instruct our team of experts to visit your home and enlighten you on all available opportunities. The appointment is completely free so you do not have to worry about any charges. The meeting is generally about viewing the property, understanding your expectations from the sale, and letting you know more about our company.

Send us the photos or meet up at the house

After the first visit, we will take time to assess and evaluate the house using advanced buying tools. After evaluation, we will make you a cash offer without any deductions or hidden charges after coming to an agreement. Our main focus is the house so we do not care about repairs or clean ups. We will buy the property as it is. We pay in cash so you can expect to hold the value of your home in your hands within no more than 7 days.

Once the deal is done and you have your money, we fix up the property in terms of repairs if needed. Since we are generous and we care about your well being as our client, we will let you stay in the house for as long as you need after the sale.

The client sets the closing date

After we agree on how much money to pay you for the house, we will send you a contract through email later. You will have a few days to go through the contract carefully before you accept and sign it. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the contract, we let you set the exact date when the property will transfer to us.

Upon setting the date of transfer, we will pay you the cash through bank check, certified funds, or money wire.

We buy and sell houses in Florida many times so be certain that we will make the process as quick as possible.

Who we work with

Most of our clients in Spring Hill, Florida come from different financial backgrounds and situations. Over the years, we have compiled some of the main reasons why people in Florida sell their houses. The most common reasons include:

  • It could be an inherited property that has to sell quickly after a probate
  • The family could be relocating to a new house or a different town
  • The house could be facing foreclosure due to failed mortgage payments
  • Tenants may have bad experiences with the house so the owner opts to sell it
  • The house may be hard to sell and may have spent several months in the market without success
  • The house could be in poor condition and in need of repair
  • The property could be too old with many maintenance obligations beyond the financial reach of the owner.

If you plan to sell your house for any of the above reasons or more, kindly get in touch with us and let us take the problem off your hands. We have bought houses in Spring Hill, Florida for a long time now and we have gained reputable experience in our job. We are confident that there is no situation we cannot handle when it comes to buying or selling houses. Do not struggle on your own trying to sell your precious home through realtors or to buyers who do not seem to understand its sentimental value to you. We understand how much that house means to you and we will give you the best deal possible for your precious property.

How we sell your home fast in Spring Hill Florida

As home buyers who pay in cash, we will simplify the entire process of selling your home so that it can be as quick and fruitful as possible. As we outlined above, the process of how we work is simplified in three easy steps. Selling the house involves the same process. It includes:

  1. Making an appointment with interested client
  2. Getting an offer from the client
  3. Closing the deal and selling the house

Sell my house fast in Spring Hill Florida

The catch in selling a house on your own is that although you may get bids and offers on the house almost immediately after you post it on the market, the contracts will require you to make expensive repairs and cleanups to the house first in order to close a sale. In case you have the funds to repair your home to make it look brand new, great for you. However, some of our clients may not have that kind of money. As a result, the house ends up spending weeks or months in the market without any progress. That is where we come in. Our contract does not require your home to be in perfect condition. We will buy it as it is at a fair price. Also, we will not kick you out on the street. You can stay in the house a while longer after selling it to us. On our part, we will repair the house, transform it into a brand new space, and then put it on the market. This way, it will have a higher chance of landing a great buyer who will not demand for repairs because the house will be in great shape. Our organization offers people who want to sell us their houses with a standard and fair purchase agreement that is recognized by the Florida Realtors Office as well as the Florida Bar.

The whole process is legal because the agreement will protect you from incurring any fees related to cleanups and repairs of the property. Some contracts have hidden costs that will force you to pay the repair costs before getting the proceeds from the sale of the house. In other cases, the costs may be deducted directly from the proceeds of the sale. We therefore advice all people interested in selling their houses to realtors to go through a contract carefully and ensure that they understand all the binding terms of the contract, before signing it. With us, selling your house will be an easy and simple process that will be beneficial to you.

Before signing your property away to any company or buyer, make sure that they show you a proof of funds beforehand. This will protect you from giving your property over to fraudulent people who want to steal your property. Ensure that the proof of funds presented to you has a current date so that you can know for sure that it is real. Having this standard will scare aware individuals who are not serious about buying your home.

When you choose to work with us, we will share our proof of funds with you to verify how serious we are with your property. Other home buying companies may hesitate when you request for proof of funds. We will not hesitate to show you the right documents that you need in order to trust us.

Get in touch with us today.