Homeowners all across Florida face many decisions from the moment they first decide to sell their property. Between a strong statewide market and a particularly competitive local housing market here in Delray Beach, there are many challenges awaiting homesellers. 

But even in a true seller’s market, it’s not always easy to sell a home—especially on your own terms and on your own schedule. From first making the decision to sell to finding a good realtor and navigating the many hidden clauses of a housing contract, it’s easy to get lost in the process of selling your home. Step through the confusion and partner instead with home buyers that’ll do right by you and puts your needs first, so you can avoid the fuss and get the best value for your property. 

When you work with Florida Home Buyers, you get to sell your home on your schedule, at your price, and on your terms.

This means you get:


After you’ve gone through the fuss of selling your home, there’s one last surprise when all is done: a percentage of the sale paid out to your real estate agent. With Florida Home Buyers, those commissions are done—since we’re your homebuyer, there’s no agent, and we promise that the price you see is what you get. 


We keep the power to sell your home in your hands. Our process is fair, transparent, and upfront, giving our customers an unparalleled experience completely free of closing costs. 

(Psst! If you’re wondering how we approach homes in poor condition, in need of major renovations, or with code violations, no worries: we don’t care about any repairs that need to be made. Your sale comes first.)


Waiting around for the right buyer is no longer an issue. With Florida Home Buyers, rest easy knowing your house will be sold fast—typically around seven days. 


Florida Home Buyers aims to make selling your home easy and fast. Our home-buying process is just three easy steps that take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Make An Appointment. 

Sign up for a free first appointment and have a totally obligation-free chat with our professional home buyers. We’ll visit your house and identify possibilities for your property, quick and fair. There’s absolutely no obligation, so you’re free to walk away if you choose! This meeting lets us evaluate your property and lets you ask questions about working with Florida Home Buyers.

Get Your Offer. 

After your property’s been assessed and you’ve decided to move forward with us, we’ll make you an offer—no empty promises, just real cash you can take right to the bank. There’s no closing costs to worry about, and we’ll take care of any repairs later (check out our guide to our As-Is contract below!). You get to choose when we close—it can be as fast or slow as you need.

Get Your Home Sold! 

Once you’ve accepted your offer, the hard work is done—Florida Home Buyers cuts out the legwork associated with selling a home. Just sign the purchase agreement, and relax.


Buying homes is our business, and that means we’ve seen properties with all backgrounds and histories. From buying houses with tenants to major code violations and more, we help customers get their homes bought and sold. Whether your home is pristine or in desperate need of major repairs, chances are we’ve faced circumstances like yours before—and know how to get your house sold. 

From houses in poor conditions to homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure, difficult tenant situations, probate, code violations, and more, Florida Home Buyers offers an easy way to get through the stressful side of selling a home. Whether you want to speed things up and sell your home quickly or just want to cut through the stress of traditional home sales, we’re your one-stop solution for selling your Delray Beach house. 


A client once told us, “I got an offer as soon as I put my home on the market, but the list of repairs was sky-high! I couldn’t afford to make all those repairs and still sell my home in time.”

On paper, it’s true that many houses on the market receive offers within days. What many don’t realize is that a long list of requested repairs often follows. This is especially true for houses in poor conditions or other mitigating factors. Let FL Home Buyers take the pressure off with our standard “as is” purchase agreement. Designed by Florida Realtors and the Florida Bar, this agreement indemnifies home sellers from repair obligations—so you can sell your house in peace and leave the grunt work to us. 


Florida Home Buyers believes the process of selling your home should be fast and fair. Our process gives our customers what they need most: a contract that works and puts the freedom to choose in the customer’s hands. Here’s how we buy your home and promise you satisfaction.


It’s sad to say, but many home buying companies aren’t working in your best interest—and you can tell when you ask for proof of funds at the offer stage! At Florida Home Buyers, we’re happy to provide proof of funds and cut your check quickly, turning your home into real money that’s ready to go.


Closing costs can be an unexpected, significant financial burden—think everything from surprise fees to document stamp taxes, closing agent fees, title fees, and more. As we see it, no closing costs = no fuss. 


When you work with traditional real estate agents, you’re often required to pay out a commission—as much as an enormous 6% of the total sale price. Since we’re your homebuyers, there’s no need for an agent, which means the price you see is the price you get. 


We put your timeline first. With Florida Home Buyers, you get to choose your closing date so you can sell your home fast, slow, or somewhere in between. 

We also buy houses in the neighboring towns such as West Palm BeachBoca Raton, and Boynton Beach. In a smaller area? No worries, we have experience buying homes in Lake WorthWellingtonJupiterRiviera BeachLantana, and even Palm Beach Gardens. So give us a call to get a cash offer on your home today!

Ready to take the next step on your path towards selling your home? Contact our professionals at Florida Home Buyers today and set up your free appointment!