We Buy Pensacola Houses


Pensacola is a part of Florida’s panhandle. More than 50 miles of beautiful coastline surrounds our city including sparkling bays and the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Pensacola is both a busy metropolitan center and a carefree beach town. The friendly locals and lovely climate contribute to a relaxed way of life. The Naval Air Station established pride in the military, resulting in the city nickname of the Cradle of Naval Aviation.

We take pride in the U.S. Blue Angels, who have made Pensacola their home. The city offers residents and visitors lush public parks, a great selection of public beaches and brackish bays. Many of the residents enjoy angling, with deep-sea fishing excursions available at numerous boat ramps. To learn more about our lovely city, visit this website.

Typical Pensacola Home Values

As cash home buyers, we sell your house fast. We pay your closing costs and often close within just seven days. We ensure you do not need to worry about finding the money or time to make expensive home repairs. We can help you avoid foreclosure, handle liens and probate and can even close if tenants are renting your home. We understand selling through a realtor takes a lot of time, can be aggravating and having potential buyers constantly walking through your home is often disconcerting.

As cash home buyers, we offer you a much easier process for selling your home as opposed to a realtor. We understand you may not have months or potentially years to sell your home. We also know our city and the real estate market extremely well. The median home value in Pensacola is approximately $180,400. The price you can expect to receive for your home is dependent on numerous factors. The average home values in our city are defined below according to percentages.

  • 0.7 percent: $1,245,000
  • 1.3 percent: $934,001 to $1,245,000
  • 4.4 percent: $623,001 to $934,000
  • 4.5 percent $498,001 to $623,000
  • 5.2 percent: $0 to $62,0000
  • 7.6% $374,001 – $498,000
  • 16.9% $249,001 – $374,000
  • 38.2% $125,001 – $249,000
  • 21.2% $62,001 – $125,000

For more details about home values in Pensacola visit this website.

We Buy Houses Pensacola

According to the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, there has been an increase in home sales in Pensacola. Due to the decrease in inventory and rising prices, you can sell your house for a good price. Unfortunately, even in a seller’s market, selling your home at market value, with fair terms often requires a lot of time. Some realtors are not concerned with your best interests.

We can sell your house fast without tricky clauses or typical pitfalls. Working with us means you do not have to be concerned about giving your real estate agent a percentage of the sale because we are the buyer. We even cover your closing costs. If you are ready to sell your Pensacola home, you may be uncertain where to begin. We encourage you to give us a call so we can schedule your appointment. We can make a cash offer today.

Our Process

To help ensure the safety of our clients, we have updated our process during the COVID pandemic. Your first step is calling us to schedule your free appointment or simply submitting your information. You then have two options. You can send us photos of your home or our professionals can come to your Pensacola home to make a cash offer. This is when you will learn a lot more about us.

As cash home buyers, we will make you an offer in cold hard cash. You do not pay for closing costs or need to make any repairs to your home. Once we have purchased your Pensacola home, we will take care of whatever is required. You choose the date of your closing. Whether you are interested in setting the date as quickly as possible or want to wait, we are there for you.

You get paid when you accept our offer. As cash home buyers, we are always buying homes in Pensacola. This means we know how to take care of everything for you. All you need to do is sign our purchase agreement. We take pride in eliminating the traditional hassles of selling a home.

The People We Work With

There is a wide range of reasons people sell their Pensacola homes. We work with individuals in all types of situations from every background. If you have unique circumstances, all you need to do is call us. The chances are good we have already dealt with the same situation so we can help you. We have already helped hundreds of homeowners with a variety of issues. We have experience with all of the following situations.

  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Properties requiring a quick sale
  • Bad tenant situations
  • Properties difficult to sell
  • Working through probate
  • Homes in need of repair
  • Homes with current liens

We have already seen everything and are still cash home buyers in Pensacola. No matter what kind of situation you are in, we can handle everything. We have you covered whether you do not have the time or are unable to cope with the stress of selling your home in a long and drawn-out process or if you need to sell your home fast. The reason we buy houses in Pensacola is that we understand the difficulty of selling through a traditional method.

Our Three Simple Steps

Our process is just three easy steps created to enable you to sell your home fast and easy. We can help you move from your current location to the place you desire the most. Making an appointment with us is free, simple and you are under no obligation. Our professionals will come to your Pensacola home to provide you with fair and realistic options for your property. We make certain you have an honest report from the start and answer all of your questions about who we are. We value your trust.

Once you have decided to sell your home to us after your property assessment, we will make an offer. Our offers are in cash with no contingencies for financing. We will purchase your home as-is. Our process is smooth and easy because you do not have to make any repairs or pay for closing costs. You simply decide if you prefer closing now or later.

The moment you accept our offer for your Pensacola home, the hard work on your part is done. Relax, sign our agreement and know we will treat your home with care and sell it fast. We will treat you with the respect you deserve throughout our three-step process.

The Importance of an As-Is Contract

A lot of our clients have told us the moment they placed their home on the market they received an offer. This is very common. The issue is custom contracts are generally required. This means the homeowners are required to make specific repairs that are often very expensive for the contract to remain viable. This is the reason our purchase agreement was created by the Florida Bar and Florida Realtors.

Our purchase agreement states we will purchase your home as-is. You are indemnified from making any repairs to your home. We do not want you to sign a custom contract unless you understand all of the financial ramifications. We provide you with a beneficial contract not requiring any repairs to make certain selling your Pensacola home is free of stress, easy and fast.

We Provide Proof of Funds

A lot of the people willing to purchase your home will not work according to your best interests. When you receive our cash offer, we want you to ask for proof of funds from the potential buyer with today’s date. This is an excellent way to determine which buyers are serious. We are happy to provide you with proof of funds. When you are working with some of the home buyers in the Pensacola market, asking about the contract and proof of funds will show you what kind of company you are dealing with.

Cash Home Buyers with No Fees or Risks

We ensure the process of selling your Pensacola home is free of stress. Working with us eliminates the financial burdens of paying for closing costs including closing agent fees, title search fees, document stamp taxes, mailing costs and intangible taxes. We do not require the six percent of your sale price you have to pay a real estate agent. As your buyer, we eliminate the need to hire a real estate agent.

We put you in control so you decide when you sell your Pensacola home, the closing date and when you are paid. In most instances, we can close your Pensacola home within seven days. If you need more time, we are flexible. If you want to sell your home now without the hassle of placing your home on the market, our professionals are ready to make a cash offer. Simply call us to sell your home quickly.