We Buy Land in Florida

Land in Florida

If you are looking into selling your Land and having someone come in and buy it from you, there are a couple of ways that you can go about doing this.

One of the most popular ways to sell your Land is through a public auction. The most popular place to find an auction is online. The more areas you have for people to look at them, the more chances you get some money for your vacant plot. However, auctions scare off many potential buyers due to unpredictable bidding. In the end, you might not get what you had expected as auctions do not place the actual value of your Land in the hands of experts but in the hands of the sellers, whose primary aim is to buy it for as low of a price as they can find.

Another way to get a cash offer for the Land is to lease it. This can be done through many different places or even just by contacting a local landowner interested in leasing their Land. You can also lease your Land for any amount of time that you want to, and the money will come right out of the sale. However, leasing comes with instability. Your leases must be constantly revised periodically or once a year, and a rise in land rates can cause discrepancies between the land leaser and the client.

How We Work

The traditional approach of selling a vacant lot through a realtor or the MLS would be slower and more tedious, but our method is more much easier, faster, and reliable at FL Home Buyers. To anyone willing to sell their Land, we deliver instant cash, give you a reasonable price, and pay the associated closing costs.

We pay for closing costs and can close quickly (7 days), purchase the Land as-is so that the owner does not need to do anything, help avoid foreclosure, go through probate, deal with liens, etc.

How Our Land Buying Process Works:


Call us or submit your information.

We offer a free appointment to instruct our professionals to visit your vacant lot and evaluate the options available for you. Don’t sweat it; you’re locked-in at this stage.

It is a meeting to exchange information that permits us to know your expectations while giving you a more detailed picture of our capabilities. We arrange for all this, once you contact us.


Have a conversation discussing your timeline and needs

After reviewing and assessing the property and evaluating the local demand and the property’s unique characteristics to figure out if it fulfills our purchasing criteria, we can make a cash offer for land with no hidden costs or deductions at closing.

As for landowners, we buy Land using cold hard cash. We ensure that we cater for everything during and after the purchasing of your Land. We pride ourselves on making everything as stress-free as possible for you.


Agree on price and close

Once we all settle on an agreeable price, we will email you the contract and give you a few days to read it through. Feel free to ask any questions for clarifications.

As soon as you’ve agreed to the conditions and have signed the contract, we will allow you to set your Land’s transfer and closing date. If this phase is completed, we can move the funds through money wire, bank check, or approved funds.

We often purchase property, so you won’t have to do any of the legwork involved with selling your vacant Land. Leave it all to us.

Who We Work With

People sell Land for a whole range of reasons

  • They might have planned to retire in a specific area, but their plans changed over time
  • Might have speculated that the land value of the site might increase but did not
  • Might be running behind on paying property taxes
  • Some probably inherited Land, which they have no intentions of ever using
  • Some have probably tried to market and sell the Land by themselves but unfortunately have not gotten the right prospects
  • Some since they first purchased the Land, have your circumstances changed?
  • Some have that vacant lot far from their workplace and family.
  • Some need quick cash and need to liquidate.

Trust us when we tell you this; we have seen it all and heard it all. This is because we have been in the buying market for a very long time.

So don’t worry, there is no circumstance that we haven’t seen before that we can’t tackle. Whether you find it challenging to sell your Land due to its sentimental value, or you need quick funds. We’ve got your back.

We choose to make buying Land as painless as possible because we understand how stressful it can be using the traditional channels.

Sell My Land Fast In Florida

As we said earlier, our land buying process is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. Get an offer.
  3. Sell your land.

Why It’s Important to Have an “As Is” Contract

One of the most important things to remember is that you must have an as-is contract in land selling when it comes to real estate. This is a legal document that will protect both you and the other party involved with the transaction.

When you sell your property, you need to know that there are no ‘stains’ on the Land. Also, before anyone goes to a Realtor for an estimate, they must have this contract.

The contract is essential because it makes sure that the person going to be getting the property will be able to live in it. For example, if someone were to purchase your Land and then lease it out for five years and then not live up to their end of the deal, you could lose your Land.

Another reason is that it prevents one party from taking advantage of the other party. One example would be we buy land, but your neighbor may be willing to let you build an extra house next to his. With an as-is contract in land selling, you can legally hold the other party liable because it says in the document that the Land belongs to everyone involved. That means that if something were to occur, you could go into court and sue your neighbor if he does not respect the lease.

However, this is not very wise because, in court, there isn’t a need for this. You can hold everyone responsible for what they agreed to in the lease agreement, and then you sell your land fast. That ensures that the whole process is much easier, and the process will go smoothly because you won’t have to deal with a lot of unnecessary lawsuits.

We Share Our Proof of Funds

Unfortunately, conmen are everywhere, and even the real estate market is not immune to them. When it comes to cash offers for land, we usually advise our clients to always insist on seeing proof of funds for their current buyer. This ensures that they are protected from these unscrupulous people.

We are open to providing our proof of funds, and we do it whenever you need to see them. Unlike many companies which drag their feet on this issue, we choose to be open and honest on our funds. This document is vital, so please insist on seeing it before coming into an agreement with any buyer.

We Purchase Land in Florida, Worry-Free, Without Any Hidden Charges

You can trust us to make your home sure selling your land is a piece of cake. There are no sneaky closing costs, administrative fees such as paper fees, title check fees, and an extravagant closing agent’s commissions to think about when you plan to work with us.

Also, we would not ask you to pay a 6% realtor’s fee because we are the buyers.

We give you the most critical control over when it comes to receiving payment, but equally significant, we provide you with the ability to choose when you want to receive it.

In general, we do business within 7 days of processing and transfer of funds. However, we are not confined to seven days.

If you’re serious and you want to sell your Land fast while escaping the hassles of getting your house on the market, send our experts at FL Home Buyers to call to get a fast cash bid.

Facts about Florida

What can you expect to find in Florida? Well, if you’re looking for a tropical climate, well, that’s exactly what Florida offers. It has hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches to choose from. Miami’s largest city is recognized for its Latin-American influence and other notable arts and culture scene, such as its renowned nightlife. Orlando is known for its theme parks, such as Walt Disney World.

In terms of natural wildlife, Florida is known for nesting grounds for some species of sea turtles and various kinds of bats and ground birds. There are over 100 islands along the state’s south coast, many of which have historical value to the area and have been declared national landmarks. Florida is also home to the official state reptile, the Sea turtle. You can find Sea Turtles in ponds, along shores, or in the swamps.

Also, Florida is home to the second most extensive collection of alligators in the world. According to the most recent data, at least fifteen different species fixators are present in the state. Florida is known to host some of the largest elk gatherings in the U.S., with elk mating seasons occurring in the spring, just before the start of the hunting season. Some hunters enjoy going hunting elk during the fall when the weather is cooler.

Florida Real Estate Market

According to Forbes’s reports, Florida’s Real Estate market is on an official Super Boom Mode. Ironically, given the coronavirus pandemic’s worldwide consequences, real estate prices in Florida have not declined.

As noted by ONE Sotheby’s Market report January 2021, Florida’s real estate sector is on the rise, with no signs of coming down anytime soon. During the lockdown, many people searched for Land on which they could build their private homes.

Fortunately, an unprecedented decline in mortgage rates to an all-time low of 3% can be called a blessing for real estate and businesses alike. If there is time to invest in real estate in Florida, it is now.

We welcome you to do business in the Florida real estate industry with us. With so much opportunity in Florida, why wait? Please pick up the phone and give us a call now and begin your real estate journey with FL Home Buyers.