The MOST Important Question to Ask Your “Home Buyer”

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Five days before Christmas, Jason, a gentleman in his mid-30’s, calls FL Home Buyers asking for someone to buy his home as quickly as possible. After a few basic questions I asked Jason for some background as to why he needed to sell so quickly. He continues to tell me that his mother who lives in the Carolina’s has fallen ill and that she desperately needs someone to be there to take care of her. Taking matters into his own hands, he decided he was going to move up north as quickly as possible to take care of his mother. The only thing keeping him in Port Saint Lucie was now his home.

After explaining our services and what we can do Jason proceeded to tell me that he has other offers on the table and that he needed to accept one of them within the next 3 days. I explained how crucial it was for him as the Homeowner to review exactly how these contracts were written and to do a bit of research about the company sending him the offer. The State of Florida has a standard As-Is Purchase Agreement that attorneys and judges across Florida use to buy and sell real estate. Immediately after I sent him my offer I explained that FL Home Buyers uses the Florida State As-Is Contract. I let him know that he needed to be wary of any contract that is not the same format. I told him that to keep himself in good hands he needed to ask one important question: “Can you provide me with a proof of funds with today’s date?”

Fortunately, Jason took my advice. Out of the three offers he had, the highest amount offer was written on a custom contract. After a bit of research on the buyer with the custom contract, Jason asked them for proof of funds. The question sent the “buyers” running; the buyer had told him he needed some time to get him proof of funds and he was never to hear from him again. I was able to make a bit higher of an offer than the other guy and my offer was accepted two days before Christmas.

In 15 days FL Home Buyers closed on Jason’s home and he was off to the Carolina’s to take care of his mother. Usually, our closings fall in between 5-10 business days. This took 15 days due to the fact that the county office, city office, and the utility department were closed during the majority of the week of Christmas.