How To Sell A Home By Owner

How To Sell A Home By Owner

Selling your home by owner is among the best ways to get rid of your proper easily. However, this process involves some pros and cons that you need to understand before deciding. You may feel confused about selling your home to cash home buyers through a Realtor or sale by the owner. What you need to focus on is to sell your house and save money. But, does sell your home by owner saves you money? If you look at most people who need to sell their property and FL home buyers, they want to work with a local Realtor. We also imagine that this situation is the same in almost all real estate markets: a study found it to be the same case in New York City and Charlotte.

A buyer wants to work with a reputable realtor because buying a house involves a large financial purchase and other significant components. Many successful home sellers claim that after failing to sell their homes by themselves, they use real estate agents. If you try selling a home yourself, the price you list is much less than what a realtor would sell. But after the realtor sells it, you end up with more money than you had listed. That said, excellent realtors are worth your penny.

Many home sellers plan to sell a home by owner to save their money without paying a commission. It may be enticing, but they forget the legal repercussions and costs associated with this method. This is because the full responsibility will remain to the home seller since a real estate agent isn’t involved. Though, the data shows that with a realtor, you will make more money than selling it by yourself. If you want to learn and understand the ins and outs of selling a home by owner, we have put this article together for you. Read on:

Benefits of Selling Your Home by Owner

You Will Not Pay Seller’s Commission

This option is highly preferred as you will save on commission. But after you choose this option, remember to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent. However, if you don’t, you will limit yourself significant chances of getting a buyer. The reason is that no agent will bring a buyer to a seller and not receive a commission. Therefore, you have to be willing to pay the buyer’s commission. The only way to avoid paying the buyer’s commission is when you manage to get a qualified buyer who does not work with a real estate agent.

You Have To Manage All Aspects Of The Sale – Showings, Marketing, And Open Houses

If you have sold or bought a house in the past, this will be an enticing aspect to sell by owner route. However, if it is your first time to sell your home, but you don’t have a strong real estate background, save yourself stress, headache, and time. You need to hire a reputable real estate agent.

Sell your home by the owner may be an enjoyable option to sell your home, but the longer it sits on the market, the more you will incur extra costs on advertisement and marketing.

The Downside of Selling Your Home by Owner

You Have Limited Networks

Most real estate agents are extremely connected to national and international networks. They also take time to attend networking and community events. Besides, they have experience and knowledge of what the buyers want. Unfortunately, for an individual, you may be connected to a community but not in the real estate market.

Selling Requires Full-Time Job

If you opt to sell a home by yourself, it needs extensive work and time. If you have a full-time job or any obligations, remember that selling a home will consume much of your time.

Some of the activities to handle include managing showings, open houses, listing, and marketing to buyers. Realtors have the experience, and there are things they look that you don’t know.

Bargain Shoppers Target FSBOs

If a buyer wants a great deal, the first place to look is at the FSBOs. You may have conducted proper research and priced your property appropriately; the higher chance is that it is below the market. This is something common in the FSBO world, that’s because bargain shoppers will gravitate to your listing.

Lack Of Right Pricing Tools

Real estate agents have tools that help them determine the average price, not low nor high.

If you price it low, you may lose significant funds than using a reputable realtor. On the other hand, pricing too high makes your home sit on the market longer, and buyers will eventually lose interest.

Methods of Selling a Home by Owner


First and foremost, determine the right list price. The biggest mistake you may make is overpricing your home. You can use real estate valuation sites to help you estimate the worth of your home. So, you need to spend extensive time and do a comparative analysis of homes sold near your area. Finding information about homes is more hassle and challenging than you expect. Although you may find tools online, they can only estimate but not provide an accurate number. That said, you will find real estate agents accessing various comparative tools. And the advantage to them is that they are well trained.

You may opt to hire a licensed appraiser who will provide you with an accurate assessment, but you have to pay them over $300.

Stage The Home For Sale

Before you sell your home, take time to organize and declutter it. Also, remove all items that belong to you, such as toiletries, kids’ toys, family photos, among others.

Market Your Home

Marketing requires creativity because you will not have the marketing materials as real estate agents. For example, Realtors have a marketing budget to advertise the home to various potential buyers. If you have to do it yourself, rely heavily on word of mouth, social media, holding open houses, flyers, and street signs.

Negotiate The Sale

If a buyer gives you an offer, you have to be responsible for handling all negotiations. If the buyer has a low budget, negotiate an acceptable price. After you complete all negotiations and accept the buyer’s offer, hire an attorney to close the deal.

Papers Needed on Selling a Home by Owner

The paperwork you need varies with the states. In Florida, we buy houses, and you need various paperwork before to sell your home, such as:

  • Sales Contract
  • Occupancy Agreement
  • Mineral and Oil Form

A real estate attorney will help you get these papers. A realtor usually has the documents ready but selling on your own; you have to prepare them.

Contract to Use for Selling a Home by Owner

A real estate contract is called a 2-T form but to use it; you should be a licensed realtor. A contract requires the seller and buyer to sign for full execution. If selling a home without a realtor, an attorney will draft the contract for you. Alternatively, if the buyer works with a real estate agent, the agent may help you draft the contract. The contract includes the home’s price, items sold with your home, down payment, legal description of the house, deadline, closing date, and contingency clauses.

Selling a Home by Own for Cash

If I have to sell my house fast, I will pick this option. To sell your home for cash, look for reliable cash home buyers. However, we are FL home buyers and among the best cash home buyers. After you sell the house, the buyer will transfer funds to your account as a check or electronically. That’s because it is illegal to purchase a home with physical cash in the country. Follow these steps:

  • Sign a contract
  • Verify buyers funds
  • Pass home inspection
  • Review and sign a closing document.

Negotiating a Home Sale by Owner

If you have to pay the buyer’s agent fee, you have to negotiate with the agent and not the buyer directly. If you don’t involve a buyer’s agent, negotiate with the buyer. It seems complicated since there are no barriers to your negotiations. However, remember that emotions are tied to your negotiations. Assuming the buyer submits you with a horrifying low offer, always counter. You may feel insulted, but you have to inform them of the price you want to see whether they can increase the offer.

The Different States Home Sale by Owner Laws

Each state has its different home sale owner laws. For example, in North Carolina, an attorney is needed during the closing. Other states will only need a title agent.

The Best Websites for Selling a Home by Owner

I want to sell my house fast, which sites do I consider?

Frequently Asked Questions: Selling a Home By Owner

Are There Closing Costs After Selling A Home By Owner?

Using this method will cost you about 2 – 4% closing cost of the selling price of your house. In some situations, you may share that cost with the buyer or either party to take full responsibility.

Can I Sell My House Fast Without A Realtor?

Yes, but after you turn it into a full-time job. It isn’t easy to sell a home due to significant legal ramifications.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, you have learned the ins and out of selling a home by owner option. However, it is strongly advised to work closely with a reputable real estate agent to avoid hassles. We buy houses, and this process needs you to handle it legally, diligently, and conscientiously.