We Buy Houses Deltona

Selling a home in the state of Florida normally takes up to 132 days. The breakdown goes like this: a house can stay on the market for up to 87 days. The closing process generally takes up to 45 days if the buyer is applying for a mortgage.

FL Home Buyers buy single-family, multi-family properties and other real estate dwellings. Let us help take care of your financial needs and put cash in your pocket through our quick house sale process. We can sell your Deltona, Florida home fast. Contact us today to experience freedom.

We are able to make things go easier by removing much of the stress associated with the tradition of selling a home. The way we work is the modern-day equivalent to buying and selling the option that makes life simple for our customers. We are your cash home buyers and we buy houses in a manner that you can rely on and trust.

Deltona Residents Live the Good Life

We work throughout Florida with a focus on Deltona. We share with you what living in this rural style city is like. Deltona is the largest city in Volusia County centered in the central part of Florida. This amazing city offers many amenities for families of all sizes.

Investing in a Deltona home offers lakes of various sizes for swimming, fishing, boating. To introduce your family to greenery means visiting the myriad of parks Deltona offers.

The parks are supported by the city and are filled with amenities for playing tennis, volleyball, baseball, playgrounds, and hiking trails. The parks and other green landscape areas are an eco-friendly system which means clean air for everyone.

Deltona Demographics

The median home value in Deltona is around $176,000+ with a per square list price of $118. This MLS listing price status makes Deltona, FL 23% below the median home value in the U.S. A mixture of white-collar and blue-collar workers call Deltona home.

To be specific let’s look at Deltona home prices demographics. In the first quarter of 2021, Deltona home prices were up more than 17% than 2020. Selling median prices were around $240K.

Deltona homes averaged a selling time of a little under 10 days on the market compared to 2020 where the selling market averaged 27 days. Additionally, more Deltona homes were sold in 2021 than last year’s statistics.

Selling Your Home Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

There comes a time in life when the home you lived in for years must be sold. Moving is never easy, either emotionally or financially. The reasons for selling your home are varied.

At the top of the list since the pandemic began is COVID financial loss. Common lifestyle changes take place, marriage, death, and outgrowing the home are all events that precipitate the selling of your home.

If thinking about selling your homes sends chills up your spine, perhaps because you have never done this before or it is a matter of emergency moving, FL Home Buyers is your answer. To us a home is more than a house, as such, we help people move stress-free. Let us provide home sellers our experience in knowing homes and the real estate market.

We promise to help homeowners sell your house fast. We handle everything associated with your home because we purchase it “as is.” You do not need to make repairs, we can even close with rental tenants still in the home. You don’t need to go through any probate issues, no liens, and no foreclosures. Yes, allowing us to buy your home is just this simple.

FL Home Buyers vs. Realtor

To see how accepting cash for an as-is deal compares to working with a realtor, let’s look at the differences:

As Is

  • No Commissions or Closing Costs
  • Homeowners Receive A Guaranteed Offer Quickly
  • Close Within A Few Days Or At A Time That Is Best For The Homeowner
  • No Repairs Need To Be Made
  • There Are No Financial Issues And No Appraisals.
  • There Is A Guaranteed Cash Offer


  • A Normal Florida Commission Rate is Between 6% and 7% With Closing Costs Around 2% to 3%
  • You Need To Wait For Weeks or Months To Secure A Buyer
  • Home Closings Can Take From 60 to 90 Days After You Accept An Offer
  • It Is Normal To Make Repairs Based On An Inspection
  • Deals Can Fail Due To Appraisals And No Acceptance By The Bank

Types of Real Estate We Buy

Let us buy your house today no matter your circumstances. Are you:

  • Going into foreclosure
  • Facing divorce
  • In mortgage debt
  • Have liens
  • Had fire damaged
  • Unwanted tenants
  • Inherited property you don’t want and more.

As professionals within the real estate industry, we will take care of your problems and place cash in your hands for a new start. With our years of experience as leaders in the industry, we guarantee an easy process for you and your family.

We Buy Houses in Deltona

We live in a quick on demand era. For this reason, we quickly buy houses in Deltona by offering an all-cash solution without involving banks and a ton of paperwork. If you have a property to sell in any of the Deltona neighborhoods or nearby communities, we would like to make you a more than fair cash offer today.

How We Work

This is how we sell your house fast in Deltona. Our goal is to remove the stress of selling your home. If your home needs repairs or improvements, do not worry. We buy your home “as-is.”

Simply put, if you have a Deltona property and you need to sell it, we will buy it and work with you on a closing date when you are ready to move. There are no binding contracts nor is there a long waiting period and hoping that your home will sell as in when you use a real estate agent. We will buy your home now!

The Process

We are your one-stop seller and buyer. However, due to COVID-19, we ask our potential customers to follow our new process. When you contact us, we ask you to use the following instructions:

  • Let’s talk. Call us.
  • Submit your information.
  • Meet with us at your home.
  • Send us the photos we request.
  • Set your closing date.

As soon as you have completed our quick process, we can give you an all-cash offer on your home within 24 hours. To show you how fair we are, we want to keep you stress-free, if you need cash immediately, we can close as quickly as within 7 days. No bank financing and with our ability to pay you cash makes selling your home and our buying it, quick and easy.

Who We Work With

To know more about us and to keep your mind at ease, here is who we work with. Our company consists of central Florida real estate professionals. We focus on you and your personal needs and goals.

Remember that working with us means that there are no closing costs and no commissions to use an agent. We are a reliable company in the Deltona, Florida realty market. Our company is known as your cash home buyers!

Do You Know the Value of Your Home?

As your “as is” home buying company, we suggest that before you enter into any as-is selling agreement, that you find out the value of your home. Not knowing what your home is worth when you enter into any negotiations.

Yes, you can negotiate with cash buyers. If you don’t know your home’s value it could mean you are cheating yourself out of what you could receive as the market value. Perform some research.

Find out what other homes, similar to yours in your Deltona neighborhood are selling for. Knowing this figure will help you negotiate for the money you need from your local cash home buyers company.

Summary Benefits

The following key benefits of our company buying homes for cash:

  1. If you need cash fast, buying homes for cash is a quick sale perhaps within a week.
  2. The stress is removed in a homeowner’s attempt to make repairs.
  3. Our company serves as investors. When we make an offer, the deal is all but closed.
  4. You can accept cash for your home at any time, there are no special seasons or times of the year
  5. Homeowners save money
  6. You save time if you have a quick turn around timeframe
  7. No paperwork where homeowners are asked for a great deal of personal information
  8. Your credit score is not affected

How Common Are Cash Offers in Florida

Going the route of “cash only” to sell your home happens in Florida more often than you think. ATTOM Data Solutions reports that cash sales occur between 32% and 40% in the state and metropolitan statistical areas of Florida.

Are Cash Offers Legal?

Yes, buying houses from cash companies in the state of Florida is safe and legal. Companies like ours provide a safe and valuable service to homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. Selling a house for cash is a valuable service for homeowners to help individuals and families move on to their next financial timeline.

In Conclusion

The National Association of Realtors reports the market share of all-cash purchases has risen. This process currently makes up 33 percent of the realty market. Selling and buying cash for homes is a unique trend that is on the rise. Florida has seen half of all home purchases bought with cash including the midwest states and West Virginia.

If you need to sell a Deltona home fast, call us soon to receive a free no-legal commitment offer. We also purchase properties all over Volusia County. We are a legitimate house buying company.

So when you are ready to receive money in hand quickly without any commissions, no closing costs, and no repairs, we are your honest and reliable cash home buyers. Our process is easy and will treat our customers with honesty and truthfulness.