We Buy Houses Fort Myers

we buy houses Fort Myers

In most areas, there can be a large number of people looking for the perfect home to come available. This is especially true in a beautiful area like Fort Myers, FL. Before committing, potential buyers can go on numerous home tours until they find the right one.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you need to make your home the right one for the buyers and their families. Of course it is impossible to say exactly how long that will take, as there are never any guarantees. But, here at FL Home Buyers we have the ability to shorten this process and allow you to move on to whatever you have planned next. Here is a guide that will help you determine if this is the best move for you to make.

Work With Fort Myers Cash Home Buyers

When you have a home that you want to sell, you may feel stressed about what to do. To get your Fort Myers home on and off the market, it seems like you have to have special powers. The process of locating a realtor, setting the right price, and allowing potential buyers to view your home can take up a lot of time and energy. Plus, if you are pressed for time, the process can feel even more overwhelming.

Although the process of selling a home for cash can be tough to tackle, there are options available to make the process easier. Here at FL Home Buyers, we are cash home buyers who can buy your Fort Myers house fast for cash on your timeline. 

Why Should You Sell Your Home With Cash Buyers?

Whenever you have an important decision to make, the issue can seem simpler if you have more knowledge and information about the situation. Here are some of the benefits of using FL Home Buyers to sell your home:

Completed Sales

When using traditional methods for selling a house, there is always the likelihood the buyer can change their mind, and the deal can fall apart. Everything can seem to go well when the potential buyer views the property, but they can somehow lose interest, choose another home to pursue, or fail to get the loan approval they expected. If this occurs after a lengthy amount of time has passed in paperwork and negotiations, you may feel disheartened about starting over again.

When you go with a company that promises to sell your house fast, like FL Home Buyers, there are fewer chances the deal will fall apart. We have a system set up to acquiring properties and are prepared to handle any issues that can arise.

Quick Closing

Many factors go into securing financing for a home loan. Mortgage officers must meet government standards for verifying the homeowner repay the borrowed amount. Also, they need to ensure the property is appraised correctly and confirm the home has a clear title. Going through these steps takes time because it must get executed correctly, or they can get into a lot of trouble. 

At FL Home Buyers, we are cash home buyers and we don’t need bank approval for funds. We want to meet with you to agree on a selling price. From there, we can work together to complete the needed paperwork and transfer the payment as soon as seven days later.

Make No Repairs! 

When it comes to attracting potential buyers, you can make upgrades to your home to get more people interested. These improvements can include painting it inside and out, remodeling the kitchens, and updating the flooring. Although effective, these take time and a lot of money to get done. If you are short on either, you may feel stuck with the property. Fortunately, as cash home buyers, we purchase houses in their current state, otherwise known as “as-is”.

Prevent Foreclosure

If you’re having trouble with payments on your home or acquired property, you may fear you will face foreclosure. This can wreak havoc on your credit score and make it a lot harder to get another property in the future.

To prevent this from having such a negative impact on your life, you can try to quickly sell the house. This can involve fixing it up, staging it, and finding the best realtor. And, that is just to get started. A better way may come from partnering with a cash home buyer to get a quick sale. That will allow you to pay off the home and stay in good standing with your credit.

Benefits of Using FL Home Buyers

We Pay Closing Costs

When you are working with us to purchase your home, you will not get tasked with covering any fees that come with the transaction. In cases where you are already struggling with the payments, this can be hard to handle. But, we pay these costs.

Tax Lien Help

A tax lien occurs when the government files a claim against the property to recover unpaid taxes owed on the house. Rather than facing the seizure of your property, we have the ability to close quickly and potentially get you some cash in your pocket. 

Acquire Tenants

Handling a property with tenants can be a stressful undertaking. You may have to deal with constant repairs, efforts to keep your property occupied, and an occasional bad tenant. You don’t have to wait until the property gets vacated to sell, we can take it on even if you have renters. That is a very common issue that we deal with when buying property.

Probate Assistance

If your loved one has passed, there can be many questions about how their estate gets handled. Even with a will, there can still be disputes over who should get what. And, some debts get covered by the sale of valuables left behind. We can still purchase the home from you while this is being ironed out. That way, you will have an easier time covering any outstanding payments left for you to handle.

How Does The We Buy Houses Process Work?

The home-buying process can get completed in three simple steps. After that, you can shift from your current situation to where you want to be.


Call Or Submit Your Information Online

Give us a call or fill out the form on our website. We will reach out to you and have a brief conversation about the condition of your home that you are looking to sell. At this point, you can ask questions about our process and learn more about us as a company. 


Meet at Your Home or Send In Photos

To make the home visit more convenient for you, a cash home buyer can allow you to meet with them at your property. Due to COVID-19, we are able to purchase virtually. That would mean that you can send us photos of the interior and exterior. We will then evaluate what we see and then make a formal offer on your place. From there, you can expect a cash offer and without any demands to make repairs or pay for closing costs. At this point there is no obligation to us whatsoever. It’s up to you to decide if you want to move forward and complete the transaction.


Set Your Closing Date

Finally, we let you know about the necessary paperwork that has to be handled to transfer the ownership of your home. You then decide on the date that you would like to close. On that date, we close and you get paid!  

If any part of the process starts to feel confusing, you can ask the cash buyer to pause and explain more to you. We want you to feel comfortable with the sale and happy with the result. Once you are ready to move forward with the sale of your home, we here at FL Home Buyers are ready to assist you through the process!

If you aren’t in Fort Myers, don’t worry. We also buy houses in the neighboring towns such as Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres. Give us a call for a cash offer on your home today!