We Buy Houses Riverview

Originally founded in 1885, Riverview is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Florida. Moving around, the area has all the local amenities and we can understand why it tops the list.

So where is Riverview Florida? The city is located about 12.5 miles southeast of Tampa and 9 miles directly south of Brandon. The city sits on about 48 square miles, leaving room for expansion.

Aside from the diverse population consisting of Caucasians, people of Hispanic origins, and Blacks or African American descent, the city offers an exquisite living experience. Residents have access to museums and nature preserves that have massive space, hiking trails, and picnic tables.

As of April 2021, the median price list of homes in Riverview, Florida was standing at $296,000 trending up 18.2% every year. The surge in the city’s growth over the past 20 years is attributed to the availability of affordable housing in the region. A decent home in Riverview sells at an average price of $223,200. Residents also have the option of renting where the average price for one bed is currently standing at $1,037 and $1,986 for a five–bedroom per month.

We Buy Houses in Riverview Florida

The real estate market is made up of people looking to buy and sell the property at the best deal. The market dynamics vary from young professionals looking for their starter home, retired couple looking to downsize, or a growing family looking for more space. Therefore, it is important to consider all your options before making the final decision. Some of the important aspects that need consideration include who to sell your home, the price, and terms.

When using the traditional route, a home in the United States, averagely takes around 24 days to sell under a contract and 46 days to close the deal. Moreover, these processes are often faced with back and forth hurdles that can derail or even drag out the entire deal.

However, you can skip all these stresses when you resort to working with FL Home Buyers. As the name implies, we are a company that specializes in buying a home directly from the owners. Homeowners who work with us get a faster and simple process as compared to the traditional realtor sale.

If you are a homeowner in Riverview, Florida, and are looking to skip the typical procedures of selling a house, then FL Home Buyers got you.

Why choose us?

At FL Home Buyers we try to lessen the stresses associated with traditional real estate transactions. We do not work with middlemen which removes the need to share a percentage of your sale to real estate agents. The company covers the closing costs freeing homeowners from incurring extra expenses. Moreover, individuals are assured of a quick sale. Our average time to close a deal is seven days.

In summary, Riverview is the ideal location due to the following factors:

  • Diverse population
  • International independent showmen’s Museum
  • Comfortable neighborhoods
  • Riverview boasts of strong education programs with a good number of campuses.
  • Available employment opportunities for the working class
  • Good weather especially during the summer
  • Plenty of indoor and outdoor activities
  • A large area that is not overcrowded providing room for expansion
  • An average cost of living is considered affordable for most households.

If you are in Riverview, Florida, and are looking to sell your house, talk to us today.

How We Work

We are a real estate organization that specializes in easing the hurdles of homeowners looking to sell their homes. We buy houses in Riverview in a fast and fair process that usually takes a maximum of seven days. To initiate the process of selling your house to our company, you have to follow the three steps outlined below.

1. Contact us to Schedule your Appointment.

After scheduling a free appointment, the company will send a team of professionals to your Riverview home to assess and identify the opportunities for you. It is important to note that you are not obligated to do anything at this point. We consider this a fact-finding mission that allows us to evaluate the property and give you the opportunity to learn more about us.

2. Receive your Offer.

After assessing and valuing the property, we will give you an offer. Since we are cash home buyers, our offer will be made in hard cash. You do not need to worry about closing costs and repairs as our firm takes care of all that. Once we purchase the property, all the costs are on us. After we close the deal, we allow you to stay in the house until the day of your choosing. We accommodate those who want their money fast and have no place to go. For those who prefer to wait, we are also ok with that.

3. You set your Closing Date

After we reach an agreement on a fair offer, the only thing you will be required to do is to sign the contract form that is sent via email. This allows you to escape the stressful hurdles associated with traditional real estate transactions. We give you a few days to read and review the contract before signing. After finishing the signing process, we allow you to set the closing date to transfer the property. Once we are done, we will make payments either through money wire, bank check, or certified funds.

Who We Work With

Residents of Riverview, Florida choose to sell their homes for a variety of reasons. Since the inception of our organization, we have worked with individuals from all backgrounds. Therefore, we understand your situation and ready to offer a helping hand to ease the situation. Call us if you are in any of the situations outlined below:

  • Possible foreclosure
  • Hard to sell properties
  • Working through probate situations
  • Bad tenant situation
  • Houses that need repair
  • Quick house sale
  • Homes that currently have liens against them

You do not need to worry as we have been in the house buying a business for the longest time. As such we have the experience needed in handling different situations. So whatever reasons, whether is having difficulties in selling your home the traditional way or you need quick cash, we as cash home buyers, we got you. We are in Riverview because the city has a promising future and we understand the hurdles of buying homes using the conventional way.

How We Sell Your Home Fast in Riverview Florida

Our main objective as cash home buyers is to ensure you have an easy home selling journey while in Riverview. As stated earlier on, we allow you to sell your house fast in three simple steps:


Schedule An Appointment


Get Your Offer


Sell Your Riverview Home

The Importance of Having an As-Is Contract

Buyers and sellers in Florida are obligated to use a specific contract for any homes that are sold or bought. However, many clients who visit our offices establish that they receive numerous offers immediately when they post their houses for sale. This is a common occurrence in the real estate sector here in Florida.

However, what most homeowners fail to understand is that these ‘potential’ buyers have proposals that are tied to customized contracts. These contracts bind the sellers to make repairs and cleanups for them to consider the sale viable. These repairs are often very costly.

Our organization operates differently as it strictly adheres to the as-is contract crafted by Florida Realtor and the Florida Bar. The contract indemnifies homeowners from all repair obligations. In many circumstances, in the haste to dispose of their properties, many sellers find themselves signing the contract without reading and understanding the financial ramifications.

Our firm ensures that you sell your house fast without tricking you to sign contracts that you do understand. We further advise sellers to read and understand any contract and its financial implications before signing them.

We believe that selling your house in Riverview should not be daunting but a seamless and stress-free process.

We Have Proof of Funds

Not everyone who approaches you to purchase property has your best interest. Therefore, a seller needs to ask for proof of funds from the potential buyer with the day’s date. This letter proves that the buyer has enough funds to cover the purchase of the house. The document also provides legal access to the funds as they are often written by a verified source such as a bank. This document is important as they help the seller decide which of the buyers is serious.

At our company, we have no problem producing proof of funds. The contract and the proof of funds are what sets asides, serious buyers and jokers, in the real estate business.

We Buy Houses in Riverview, Risk-Free, Worry-Free With no Hidden Charges

Our main objective as cash home buyers is to make the home selling processes for our clients as easy as possible. When clients choose to partner with us, we take charge and incur all the costs including mailing costs, intangible tariffs, closing agent fees, stamp taxes among others. Another advantage for our clients is that they don’t get to pay a realtor fee which is often 6% of the sale price.

We are considerate of our client’s welfare as we allow them to decide when they want to get paid and close the sale. We often come through for our clients in an average period of 7 days. However, the sellers have the opportunity to dictate the time frame in which they are most comfortable.

Make the decision of contacting us today and free yourself from the hurdles associates with the real estate business.