We Buy Houses Tallahassee

We Buy Houses Tallahassee

Selling a home sometimes creates more challenges than expected. In a traditional scenario, we’d put the house on the market and it would sell without a lot of extra work necessary. But, that rarely happens. Most people need help to sell their home. They also need patience because selling a home takes quite some time for most people. If selling your home stresses you out, give FL Home Buyers a ring. As your trusted Tallahassee homebuyer, we cut the headaches that traditional real estate transactions cause and put cash in your hands for the property in as little as 7-days.

Sell Your Tallahassee House Fast

Our cash home buyers buy homes in all Tallahassee neighborhoods as well as the neighboring cities and towns. We buy all homes, regardless of the current condition or other factors that make selling using traditional means difficult. Sell your home to us without spending a cent on repair costs or code violation fees.

Selling us your Tallahassee home also diminishes closing costs you would otherwise pay. In some situations, closing costs can exceed thousands of dollars. On average, sellers pay about 3% of the home value in miscellaneous fees known as closing costs. When you sell to our cash home buyers, you keep more of your money in your pocket. That is how it should be, after all!

The most popular neighborhoods in Tallahassee include Iamonia, Avondale, Waverly, Centerville, and the downtown areas. Selling a home in one of these neighborhoods is easier than selling in some neighborhoods. People look in the areas for their homes before elsewhere because they know the communities offer what they want and need in a property. Home prices in Tallahassee are average to those across the U.S. A single-family, two-bedroom home in the city has a sticker price averaging $184,200. Selling a Tallahassee home takes an average of 77 days.

Why Sell to FL Home Buyers?

People sell us their homes for many reasons. We will look at some of the most common below, but keep in mind we never ask questions. Our job is to buy your home and help out in the time of need. That is our top goal when you contact us to sell your house fast. Just tell us you are ready to sell, and we’ll make you an offer. It truly supplies a fast, simple way to sell a home when traditional options don’t work for your needs.

Current Condition

Selling homes in pristine condition sometimes takes months, so you can imagine the trouble selling a distressed home. Rather than spend fees to make repairs and renovations to the home and then more money on a real estate agent, marketing, etc., and hope for an interested buyer, sell your home to Fl Home Buyers instead. We buy houses in any condition, even those in need of major repairs.


After a divorce, selling a home is often a step taken. With memories, or perhaps nightmares, at the home, most owners want it gone and out of their possession as soon as possible. We will take care of this need. Sell us your home and we will take it off of your hands so you can move forward in life without the home holding you back. Remember, you tell us when you want to close. We can make it happen in as little as 7-days.


Facing foreclosure? We will buy your home this week! Our fast service reduces stress and worry, both emotions that you feel when facing foreclosure. We will stop the foreclosure process so you can keep your name in good standing. No one wants to face a foreclosure, especially if there is any way possible to avoid the act. Do not allow a foreclosure to turn life as you know it upside down when we are here to help.

Fewer Hassles

Selling a home in the traditional ways requires a real estate agent who charges about 10% commission when the house sells. Finding a trusted agent is not difficult, nor is coming off with all that money! Even more worrisome, selling a home takes time, which you may not have for one reason or another. There is no guarantee the home will ever sell. When time is of the essence, we buy houses and take the worry out of the scenario.

This is a short list of reasons why people sell us their homes. Things sometimes sway very far off from how we planned them. If you meet a situation in life that demands a fast property sale, FL Home Buyers is here.

How Our Tallahassee Cash Home Buying Program Works

Selling a home is a simple, three-step process when FL Home Buyers is on the job. Follow these steps if you are ready to sell your home.

Step One: Contact Our Cash Home Buyers for Information

Need more information about the process? Need questions answered? Your comfort and understanding is important to us. Call us or submit your information using the form on our website. Someone will contact you quickly and resolve your needs.

Step Two: Submit Photos or Meet us at the Home

We understand that people are more precautious today than ever before thanks to COVID-19. That is why we offer two options for Tallahassee sellers. Choice one is to meet us at the home so we can inspect the property. Choice two is submitting photos of the property. We understand that COVID-19 has changed life for us all. Remember, we are in this together and will make sure the home you want to sell is out of your hands fast. No matter which option you most prefer, expect to receive a cash offer for the home within 48-hours.

Step Three: Set a Closing Date

We can close the deal in as little as 7-days. You will not pay any closing costs, lien fees, or other money. Choose your closing date and we will take care of the rest. It is truly the easiest way to sell a home in Tallahassee or anywhere in the United States!

Benefits of Selling to FL Home Buyers

In a nutshell, benefits homeowners enjoy when selling their home to our cash home buyers include:

  • No need for a real estate agent
  • Save money since you will not pay an agent
  • No need to make repairs to the home
  • Avoid foreclosure
  • Sell a home in disrepair
  • Sell us your home that has not sold in conventional methods
  • Choose your closing date as early as 7-days
  • Fair offer for your home

We use several factors to determine the amount of money we can offer for the property. While we strive to offer the highest amount of money possible, we understand that some people may not be happy with our offer. In such an instance, you are free to decline the offer. There will not be any hard feelings if you decline our offer. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not happy, we are not happy and we never want things to be this way. Let’s talk. We buy houses in Tallahassee every single day and think you’ll like what you see.