Sell My House For Cash in Weston

Whether your house is an investment property or a home, making the decision to sell is complicated. With an unstable economy and unpredictable job future made even more convoluted by the specter of a spreading and often fatal infection, home owners are frequently being forced to make difficult choices. Selling your house can provide much-needed income for survival. However, the process is stressful on many levels, not only related to the permanent life changes that may be necessary, but also because of the accompanying paperwork, tasks to complete, obligations, and meetings. Not only that, you have to be ready at a moment’s notice for visits from strangers who pass judgment on you as they repeatedly scrutinize every little detail. That’s a long list of stressors. Months may grind by before your expensive and time-consuming trial is finally over.

FL Home Buyers offers you an alternative. Who are we? We buy houses and we pay you in cash. We serve multiple locations covering seventeen counties throughout the state of Florida. More than 12 reviews on Google and Yelp have given us the top rating of five stars because we pride ourselves on honesty, simplicity, and efficiency. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2015, we’ve achieved an A+ rating from them. We invite you to check us out at We have a passion for solving real estate problems and we fully believe that selling a home doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process. As cash home buyers, we know how to help you sell your house fast because we’re the ones buying it.

How We Work

Being cash home buyers means that we’re well-equipped to sell your home fast, often within a week. We want you to see for yourself how we’ve developed a method that’s both efficient and simple. You don’t need to suffer through the old-fashioned ritual of hiring a middleman or middlewoman who will make you work hard so they get their commission.

Another reason we’re so successful in executing a quick house sale is that we make it a point to be familiar with the localities where we work. We have our people in the field who stay up to date on the local real estate market inside and out. Due to the current pandemic, we’ve streamlined our procedures even more to keep you safe.

Here’s the three-step plan of action for you to sell your house fast:


Schedule Your Appointment

An in-person home visit would usually consist of an exploratory meeting so we can evaluate your property and so you can get to know us better. To take precautions against COVID, we’re now able to conduct virtual visits using photos and videos. We’ll show you how we can make this happen.


Receive Your Offer

You will get a cash offer pretty much immediately. You won’t have any closing costs nor will you have to worry about repairs because we accept your house as is. You choose the day you want to close. Whether you want to move fast or need some more time to tie up loose ends, you’re the one controlling the final transaction.


Accept The Offer and Get Paid

No legwork is required on your part – only your fingerwork is needed to sign your purchase agreement, and even that can be done online. Then you’re done!

Who We Work With

People decide to sell their homes under many circumstances, especially in today’s changing economic landscape. Here’s a partial list of the kinds of houses we’ve bought from people just like you:

Fixer-uppers needing work (that includes issues with wiring, plumbing, roofing, leaky basements, mold, holes in walls, etc.)

Properties with liens, open or expired permits, active code cases, or in danger of being repossessed due to foreclosure

Hard-to-sell houses that have been stuck on the market for months (due to a history of violence in the area, being a known former drug house, disagreeable neighbors, infestation with problem animals such as raccoons, a reputation for being haunted by spirits, etc.)

Houses requiring immediate sale due to the owner’s need for ready money

Houses with difficult tenant situations and legal entanglements

Properties lingering in probate (because when the state and the court take charge, there are multiple time-consuming delays and often non-refundable fees)

We probably have seen it all so we’re prepared to handle any situation. If we do encounter a new challenge, we have the resources to find the right solution. It’s important that potential sellers feel reassured that this company is competent as well as adaptable to a wide range of circumstances. No consumer should ever feel ashamed. In other words, we’ve got your back while we help you go forward.

How We Sell Your Home Fast in Weston

Successful buying and selling means that we have to stay constantly abreast of the current and ever-changing market status, understanding that each location has its own characteristics. Weston is a master-planned suburban city in Broward County about 30 miles northwest of Miami, a major part of the Miami metropolitan area. It is also bordered by the unique tropical wetlands of the Everglades. In 2015 Weston was rated by Family Circle Magazine as one of the Ten Best Towns for Families. More recently, in 2018 it was ranked by NeighborhoodScout as #8 in the Top 100 Safest Cities. It’s been included several times by Money Magazine among the Biggest Earners, and is also one of the Best Affordable Suburbs according to Business Week. Its real estate market remains active.

Here’s more information about Weston and why it is a good place to expect the successful sale of your house:,_Florida.

It only takes three easy steps to free you from your burden. This was described for you earlier but it bears going over again. To help you avoid any possibility of COVID infection, we offer alternatives in the ways we can do business together.

1. You Make An Appointment

The first step is conducting an initial exchange of information, which is free and without obligation. Our trained evaluators consult with you about the aspects of your house that might need special attention. You get a report up front with all your questions answered so you know exactly what to expect. We want your trust.

2. You Get Your Offer

Then we move ahead by making you a cash offer for the house just as it is. No financing, no closing costs. You decide when you want to close. We’ll take good care of your house and give it the repairs it needs.

3. You Get Your Weston Home Sold!

After you sign your agreement with us – and this can be done easily online – it’s a done deal. Your work is over! You can relax with the knowledge that your house will be reconditioned before being returned to the market.

Why It’s Important to Have an “As-Is” Contract

Our purchase agreement was specially created by the Florida Realtors and the Florida Bar working in collaboration to cover the varied needs of thousands of house sellers. This contract absolves you, the seller, of any responsibility regarding physical issues with the house that might be a barrier to its sale. In simpler terms, that means that there are no repair obligations on your part.

Other companies that don’t use this “as-is” contract often have small print in their paperwork that can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Being cash home buyers, we are dedicated to making sure that you sell your Weston home as simply, cleanly, and quickly as possible without any shocking legal surprises for you to discover later.

We Have Proof of Funds

You know that selling a house can make you feel as though you’re in a jungle surrounded by predators. We make certain that your selling experience doesn’t ever put you in that position. We recognize and value transparency in business. Instead of placing the onus on you to research your potential buyer to be sure that he or she actually does have the money to back up the offer, we provide proof of funds by giving you immediate cash without financing complications or add-on fees. We are, after all, cash home buyers!

We Buy Houses Weston – No Risk, Worry, or Prolonged Waiting

At FL Home Buyers, we know how to give you the stress-free experience you deserve. We make the process go smoothly from beginning to end. We understand the extent of the emotional and financial pressure that makes people dread selling a home. It shouldn’t have to be that way. Our job is adhering to ethical principles to guarantee a smooth transaction for you. Our team of professionals respects your need for trustworthy business practices.

We deal directly with you, so no third-party real estate agents are needed to get involved. You won’t have to deal with document stamp taxes, intangible taxes, title search fees, closing agent fees, mailing costs, any of that. In addition, although we move fast on our end to assess your house and make you an offer, you have control over the closing date and the day you get your cash in hand. We’re flexible so we’ll always work to accommodate your needs.

Sell My House Fast in Weston

As soon as you’re ready for a quick house sale to get your money, call us to connect with one of our professionals. FL Home Buyers has representatives available 24/7. You can reach us at 561-258-9405 or by email at Look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp as well. Let us help you now!

Not in Weston? Not a problem. We also have years of experience buying houses in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Margate, Lauderdale Lakes, Hallandale Beach, Oakland Park, Coconut Creek, Sunrise, Coral Springs, Miramar, Lauderhill, Davie, Plantation, Tamarac, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood! Give us a call to get a cash offer on your home today!