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Sell My House Fast Pompano Beach

Selling a house isn’t an easy task. We understand all the memories and attachments that you might have in the house. However, things can get out of control, and selling the house can be the only viable option. We are cash home buyers who can assist with your house selling process.

In this article, our clients will learn about the best way of selling their houses fast. For those in Pompano Beach, we can help sell your house fast and save you the arduous process of picking a realtor and waiting for some feedback.

We aim to help all clients in fetching the best price for their house. We ensure that you understand the best reasons for working with us and ensure that we can impact your financial situation. We are here to ensure that you won’t need an agent to sell your house fast since we properly understand the market.

How We Work

Our goal is solving all your property related problems. We ease the home selling process and ensure that it won’t be arduous and lengthy. We achieve this by offering you a simple, honest, and efficient home selling process.

Our consistency provides our clients with some peace of mind since we can work with any problematic situation. Working with us is simple since it ensures that you won’t have to conduct any repairs, pay for realtor commissions, and closing costs.

No matter the condition of your house, we will but it. We have a simple process where we only require you to:


Submit Your Information or Call Us

After contacting us and providing your information, our team visits your house to review all the available opportunities. You need not worry since this is a fact-finding meeting, and you aren’t tied into any deal at this level. Here, we get to understand your property and expectations as you get to learn more about us.


Send Us Photos of Your Home or Meet With Us

e cash home buyers, we offer the client tangible money, and we don’t care about repairs or cleanups. We handle everything after purchasing the house, and we can accommodate your needs if you want a place to live and need the money first.


Set Your Closing Date

We send you the contract that contains a fair offer via email. We offer you a few days to review and accept the contract, after which you get to set the closing date. We transfer the property and make the payment through certified funds, bank checks, or money wire during the closing date.

Who We Work With

We work with all types of clients to help them sell their house quickly. However, there are different situations that one might be in that might force them to find an expedited process. Our team can help when you:

  • Owe back taxes
  • Want to avoid paying commissions to a realtor
  • Have a vacant house that you don’t want to deal with
  • Don’t want to deal with a stressful tenant in your property
  • Want to move quickly
  • Want to sell an inherited house
  • Going through a divorce
  • Sell foreclosure
  • Don’t want to deal with the house and you want a quick home sale

We know a lot about the Pompano Beach real estate market, thus handling any situation that you are facing. We eliminate this problem by quickly purchasing your house and providing you with the cash you need.

How We Sell Your Home Fast in Pompano Beach, Florida

As a seller, you have the responsibility of making the process simple. We help you achieve this by ensuring that after your appointment or call, we can view the house, provide you with an offer, and proceed to make the sale. Below are other ways in which we make the sale process quick and straightforward.

Share Proof of Funds

There are lots of con men that sellers will come across. As cash home buyers, we thrive to ensure that you have some peace of mind. We share our proof of funds to showcase our potential of paying for the house. It ensures that as the seller, you can be sure that we are serious with the purchase.

Some home buying companies in Pompano Beach might start dragging their feet when you request proof of funds. That’s not us; we provide you with the document upon request to ensure that you won’t have any issues when dealing with us.

No Foreclosure

If you are unable to make payments on the house, you are at risk of foreclosure. FL Home Buyers ensure that this won’t be the case by quickly resolving the problem. We achieve this by expediting the sale and ensure that you have enough cash to make the payments and find another home.

Foreclosure can negatively impact your life, and you can fix it by selling the house. However, it might take ample time to find a realtor, fix it up, stage, and deal with the buyers. That’s why we get to ensure that the sale is quick and you can pay off the credit in no time.

We Buy As-Is

If you have posted your house in the market, chances are you will receive bids and offers immediately after listing. It’s common, but it doesn’t indicate the willingness of the buyers. Some might take time to assess the house and ensure that all the repairs are done.

We won’t take you through hoops when purchasing your house. We won’t require you to conduct some costly repairs or customize the house to our liking. We have a standard as-is purchase agreement that saves you the time of conducting repairs or cleanup.

No Use of Realtors

You won’t need a realtor or dealing with different potential buyers and lose track of the finances. We ensure that the process is smooth and you get to attain your money quickly.

Our simplified process ensures that home sellers can always be at ease. You don’t have to worry about selling the house for long since you can choose when to receive the money and the closing date. There won’t be paperwork that could control you for months.

There are No Hidden Charges

At FL home buyers, we get to ensure that your home selling process is simple. If you decide to sell your house to us, you won’t have to worry about any additional costs like mailing costs, document stamp taxes, closing agent fees, intangible tariffs, title search fees, amongst others.

Since we are cash home buyers, we don’t require a percentage for the realtor fee. You have the power to decide when to close and get the payment. We have seven days timeframe, but it can be extended upon request.

Our goal is to ensure that you can have some peace of mind as a home seller, and you get to avoid any arduous process of selling the home. We ensure that you get your cash offer quickly and complete the sale in time.

Guarantee Completed Sale

Unlike any potential buyer, we can’t change our minds halfway. After viewing the house and discussing the best offer, we proceed with the sale process. We won’t leave you hanging since we understand that you need to complete the process quickly.

As a we buy houses company, we have a system that deals with any arising issues. The system prevents you, the seller, from any shortcomings. It also ensures that we will complete the sale and prevent any disappointments.

One Showing

When selling a house, you might have to showcase your home to many potential buyers. After contacting us, our team visits your home to assess it and provide you with an idea of how we work. Showing us your home is all you need to make the sale.

We provide you with an offer, and upon finding a great deal, we make the purchase. You don’t have to waste time showcasing your home to tons of people who aren’t interested. Besides, we thrive to ensure that you won’t need to contact any other buyer after showing us the house.

Why Use Us

Besides getting the money fast, there are more reasons for considering us when selling your home. Some of these include:

Probate assistance

If your loved one has passed on, we can purchase the house while everything is being ironed out. Therefore, even if you have lots of questions on how to handle the estate and negate any disputes, we can purchase the house to ensure that you can easily resolve any outstanding payments if any.

Acquiring tenants

Selling a house with tenants can be arduous. You might need to conduct repairs, deal with bad tenants, and make efforts to keep the house occupied. With us, you won’t have to wait after everyone vacates to make the sale. If the house has some tenants, we can purchase it and negate any issues you might face with the tenants.

Tax lien help

If you have unpaid taxes, the government might claim your property to recover these taxes. Instead of having them seize your house, we can close quickly and provide you with all the cash you need.

Closing costs payment

You don’t have to pay any fees when working to purchase the house. If you are struggling with payments, it might be tough for you to handle such costs. That’s why we ensure that all you get is prompt payment for your house.

Get an instant cash offer today by contacting us. We respond quickly to ensure that your needs are met. Due to health concerns, we allow picture submission of the house to make a quick assessment. In return, you won’t need to deal with any realtor who might waste your time and spend your money.

About Pompano Beach, Florida

The real estate prices in Pompano Beach are above the average cost compared to the national prices. That’s because the median cost of homes is $230,775, and there are 41,084 apartments and houses for 111,954 people.

In Pompano Beach, the most common type of housing is high rises or large apartment complexes. They account for 55.8% of the population. Other prevalent types of housing include:

  • Row housing at 4.08%
  • Small apartment buildings and duplexes at 8.43%
  • Single-family detached homes at 29.89%

In Pompano Beach, most people reside in small units with one, two, or no bedroom. These are prevalent in apartment complexes since there is a mixture of renter occupied and owner occupied housing. Using us ensures that your home won’t stay long in the market since this can lower its price.

As a home seller, we understand the 81.19% appreciation rates that Pompano Beach has attained over the last 10 years. For a single home, we calculate this to be at 6.12 percent per year. Being one of the highest appreciating communities means that you can sell the house quicker.

Not in Pompano Beach? Not a problem. We also have years of experience buying houses in Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Margate, Lauderdale Lakes, Hallandale Beach, Oakland Park, Coconut Creek, Sunrise, Coral Springs, Miramar, Lauderhill, Davie, Plantation, Tamarac, Weston, Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood! Give us a call to get a cash offer on your home today!