Do you own a home in Boca Raton? Is the house in need of repairs? Are there open violations or liens on the property? If so, never fear: here at FL Home Buyers, we know that every home represents both need and opportunity. We’ve dealt with various types of properties from Clint Moore Road down to SW 18th Street. Whatever your home situation, we’re prepared to help you through yours—whether you want to sell your house fast or slow.

How We Work

If you’re sick and tired of trying to find a dependable real estate agent and trying to calculate what you will really walk away with, don’t be discouraged. Our cash offer is exactly what you’ll see wired to your account on the day of closing. At FL Home Buyers, we prioritize making a fair offer on your property and buying it fast on your schedule. This three-step buying process drives our success:

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Contact us if you would like to setup an appointment. This appointment does not obligate you to take further action. Our home buying specialist will visit your home and present the options available to you. We do not lock you in to any commitment at this exploratory meeting. We explain the buying process and assess the value of your property without any pressure. 
  2. Receive a Competitive Offer: We don’t waste time with your offer. There are no hidden closing costs or repairs required before the sale is finalized—if your property needs repairs or improvements, we’ll take care of it later. You get to pick the closing date; we can move quickly to close or set it up for a month out to give you time to get your things together.
  3. Accept the Offer and Get Ready to Close: There’s no paperwork to worry about with FL Home BUyers. All you will need to do is sign the agreement for purchase. We’re happy to handle the rest.  

Who We Work With

Florida property owners decide to sell their homes for numerous reasons. They may need quick cash or to get out from under their mortgage note. It is our duty and pleasure to accommodate homeowners in difficult scenarios, no matter how tough it feels. If you believe your situation is exceptional, please don’t hesitate in contacting us. We’ve assisted tons of homeowners looking to sell their homes through many challenges, including (but not limited to):  

  • Homes insubstandard condition
  • Property owners seeking to avoid foreclosure
  • Hard-to-sell properties
  • Properties that must be sold rapidly
  • Homes with outstanding propertyliens
  • Resolving uncomfortabletenantscenarios
  • Accommodating diverseprobateissues

Over the years, we’ve bought homes in just about any type of situation. Avoid the lengthy process of selling a home yourself and let us take care of the details. However distressed your home may be, it has value—and we’re here to help.

The Importance of the “As Is” Contract

Many Palm Beach County homeowners receive offers immediately after listing their home for sale. Most of the time, these offers are not really what they seem to be. The average buyer will require a 15-day inspection period. In that period of time, they will send out their home inspector whose job is to nitpick and analyze every single item that is wrong with the house. Normal wear and tear items like drippy faucets, a slightly rusted hot water heater, and ceiling stains will be noted and exaggerated. Then, the buyers agent will come back to you with an amount that they want taken off of the purchase price to make up for what needs to be repaired. 

At FL Home Buyers, we use what is called an “As-Is” purchase agreement. This agreement was drawn up by the State of Florida. If you use this specific agreement, you can quickly unload your home and will get the cash without any hassles. We are buying the house “As-Is”. Don’t agree to making improvements and renovations to your home before you sell it.

We Offer Proof of Funds

Unfortunately, many potential buyers employ unethical methods when buying properties like yours. If you receive an offer, make sure to get proof of funds with the same date as the offer on it. By requesting offers this proof of funds, you will see quickly find out what companies are legitimate and are really interested in purchasing your home. At FL Home Buyers it’s we believe it is our duty to make you feel as confident in us as possible. We will gladly provide you with proof of funds upon request. 

Try FL Home Buyers Today

At FL Home Buyers, our purchasing process is very simple. We take care of the closing costs like the document stamp taxes, postage, and title search expenses. You won’t pay a commission to a real estate agent because we are the buyers, there are no agents involved. For your convenience, you’re in charge of setting the closing date. Take a deep breath and be confident that your home will be sold quickly – most of our clients see their homes sold in around seven days.

We also buy houses in the neighboring towns such as West Palm BeachDelray Beach, and Boynton Beach. In a smaller area? No worries, we have experience buying homes in Lake WorthWellingtonJupiterRiviera BeachLantana, and even Palm Beach Gardens. So give us a call to get a cash offer on your home today!