Sell My Clearwater House Fast

If you are a current homeowner in the Clearwater, Florida community and your house is currently not working for you for whatever reason, don’t go through the painful dragged-out process of selling through a realtor. Whether you are ready to move on to a bigger house, a different community, or have achieved financial hardship and need to liquidate equity by downsizing, you want to have your house sell as fast as possible so you can move on and put your current home behind you. This is where having a company like FL Home Buyers can be of huge assistance.

We Buy Houses in Clearwater, Florida

FL Home Buyers is a Better Business Bureau certified company who can take homes in any condition and buy them fast for cash so you can get on your way. Because we are cash home buyers, we can expedite the typical closing process and get you out of your home in as fast as seven days. We buy houses and fix them up. We are prepared to either put the house right back on the market with the patience to sell to the next prospective home buyer or address any deficiencies within the current house before selling.

If your home does have an existing tenant, we can also maneuver the purchase of a home without eviction. We can work with your tenant to work on any minor repairs while we try to find a new buyer for your property. As such we follow all proper protocols regarding the respectful entry of the home with occupied tenants.

How We Work

We help prospective sellers navigate a simple closing process to get the cash fast. We also buy condemned properties or those needing significant upkeep in as-is conditions. Our team has a mix of in-house contractors as well as third-party contractors, that will gladly take off your hands any condemned or dated property.

Because we are cash home buyers, we eliminate any need for you to go through a foreclosure, probate court, lien process, and any need to make repairs before you officially sell your house. Because our team is qualified to flip these homes fast, you will likely find that our cash offers are not only the easiest but the most profitable way to get out of depreciating property.

Who We Work With

As mentioned, our main goal when obtaining condemned houses or those in severe disrepair is to flip them as fast as possible and put them right back on the market. This means we have a team full of realtors, lawyers, and contractors, who are equipped to handle even the most condemned properties. We also hire out specialists for certain specific tasks that our team might not be equipped to handle, as well as to expedite the flipping process.

By having an internal team, we avoid costly delays in the house flipping process. Our team has a proven methodology of the home flipping process, and as a result, we are able to flip numerous properties every year at a very intense pace. Not only are we able to flip homes, but we don’t take shortcuts either. We make sure the work that goes into these homes is of the highest quality for our buyers. Our contractors are all licensed and insured, and we only hire the best for our team who are licensed in their respective fields and are qualified.

How We Sell Your Home Fast In Clearwater, Florida

The process starts when we receive an inquiry from someone regarding their need to sell a home fast. Prospective customers have the option of calling us directly to speak with one of our associates or visit us on our website and fill in the inquiry form. We ask for information about some general facts about the home, any pictures they would like to provide showing the charm or repairs needed.

Typically we will have someone come out to review the property after the inquiry, however, due to COVID, we have temporarily adjusted this step. For those who are comfortable, we are still able to visit on-site but our staff will follow all proper safety mandates, including wearing masks and being respectful of social distancing procedures. If you are not comfortable with our team visiting our house you may send us photos or provide a video tour.

Keep in mind that because our team cannot be on-site, this step might get dragged out a bit only because we need to be thorough in our initial site assessment. This means we might reach out several times for follow-up photos, and may ask you to go to some specific places. If you are not comfortable taking these photos, you may feel free to hire someone, or with your permission, we can visit your site while you are vacated from your property. As always we will sanitize any surfaces we touch upon entry into your home.

Once we get the full intake of details about the property, our team will sit down to discuss what repairs we believe the house needs, as well as discuss pricing. We try to be reasonable as possible but keep in mind that if your house is condemned or in a depleted state, we may not be able to buy your house back above what you bought it for. Nevertheless, because the house is sold in an as-is condition, we try to be transparent as possible with why we believe your house is worth the price. We explain to you based on the market condition what a house like yours in immaculate condition is worth and explain what repairs are needed to get there and the costs that come to reach that valuation.

This does not mean we can’t negotiate the price but because we’ve done the research we believe that we can offer the fairest result, as in return we are saving much of the hassle of going through a realtor and having to pay them a commission. Because commissions are upwards of five to six percent, most of our clients accept our offer knowing they will save a lot just on not having to pay a commission. They also know that because we are cash home buyers they don’t have to wait for the buyer to schedule a closing date, we can set one up fairly quickly.

We know many of our clients are trying to leave their homes as fast as possible and we can generally schedule a closing in as fast as seven days with our legal team. If for some reason you do need more time we can push this out further within reason. Once the house is fully evicted we waste no time in starting any flipping process. During the closing period, our team is working on a project timeline, calling up any outside vendors that we will need to expedite the flipping process. While we generally like to expedite the closing cost, we will always work off your schedule first to make sure you have enough time to organize your moving activities.

Depending on the extent of the house flip, we can get the house back on the market anywhere between a week to a few months. Houses that we buy in generally good condition only need minor touch-ups such as new paint and trim work or some general HVAC maintenance and can be done within a week or so. Homes that need more extensive repairs such as structural repairs, new drywall, electrical upgrades, and weatherproofing will generally require more outside assistance and thus can drag out a few months. In most cases, project tasks can be done concurrently so this can expedite the process. Of course, we always practice safety first.

Once the repairs are fully completed, we will make sure all our repairs are up to code and approved by any local building departments. We will do a final inspection before our realtor team puts the home on the market. In most cases, because these homes are in pristine condition and the demand for real estate in Florida is high, we can reasonably fast and offers at or above the asking price. Then our real estate team and legal department can work at bringing in our prospective buyers into their new home with a fairly expedited closing process, depending on how fast the buyer can get approved for a loan.

Sell My House Fast in Clearwater, Florida

As we stated our goal is to take the hassle and additional costs out of the traditional home selling process. If you have a home that you are itching to get out of, and/or just do not want to make the repairs yourself, you will want to call our company today so we can work to sell your house fast so you can be on your way. Cash home buyers are one of the fastest ways for a quick house sale, and so let our company be the key to eliminating any of your frustration. We buy houses to make money for our business, but more importantly for your benefit because we know deep down what matters is that you want to sell your house fast.

So come visit our site today or give us a call. Visit our testimonials page to see the many success stories we have created for many of our customers. We are not here to scam you in any way but to get you out of a situation fast and as much money in your pocket as possible. We promise you will not be let down!