We Buy Houses in Naples, FL

We Buy Houses in Naples, FL

We have compiled this article to help you learn some of the most popular ways you can sell your house fast for cash while fetching the best price. Points include the advantages and disadvantages of each option and the best way to approach them.

Selling a house can be a very daunting task, especially now when over 70 percent of the US population is grappling with their financial situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finding the right real estate agent to work with is the first step towards the right direction in marketing your house.

That is why we are here. We understand how difficult it can be to sell an investment property or a home in today’s market, especially if you are in a hurry to get the money.

We Buy Houses in Naples, Florida

We acknowledge that selling your house is never an easy task. There are many personal attachments and memories attached to the house, from hosting your friends and family to bringing your first child to it.

However, we also acknowledge that sometimes things get out of control, and selling your house is the only best financial decision you can make.

If you are thinking of selling your Naples house immediately, look no further, we are the people to call.

As home buyers, our main plan is to help you sell your house fast to ensure you regain your peace of mind and financial stability. We understand the times are tough, and finding a reputable realtor can be like searching for a needle in a large pile of hay.

Apart from the usual cleanup, your house might require repairs that might take time and money to complete. And after putting your home on the market, it might take longer to sell. We have heard stories of houses staying on the market for more than a year.

Also, high realtors’ fees and tariffs might increase your cost, offering more problems than solutions.

However, we, FL Home Buyers, offer to buy your home as-is. When partnering with us, you can avoid the hustle that comes with selling your home. By selling to us, you will be avoiding the extra costs of repairs and cleanup, as you will not be required to update your home before selling it.

We do not offer any real estate fees or tariffs, no closing costs, or any hidden charges. Our core responsibility is to assist you in selling your house quickly in record time.

The conventional house selling process can be challenging, so we strive to make it easy for you. As trained problem solvers, we can help homeowners in any situation, whether dealing with foreclosure, bad tenants, or an inherited house. You do not have to stress yourself.

We allow you to extend your stay in the house even after closing. We allow you to get your cash quickly without necessarily moving out immediately. We allow you to select the date when you are going to move out of the house.

How We Work

Would you like to avoid continuous processes and murky dealings when selling your house? We at FL Home Buyers offer to buy your house in Naples, Florida, fast. In about 7 days, we will give you your money quickly and legally surpassing your expectations.

All you need to do is follow these 3 quick steps to initiate the process of selling your house for cash home buyers like us.

We buy Apartment properties, Townhouse, Single-family, and Multi-family as-is. Allow us to take care of you and put cash in your pocket as we sell your home fast. Feel free to contact us today.


Call us or Submit Your Information

Once you contact us and schedule your free appointment, we instruct our professionals to visit your house and review the opportunities available to you. You do not have to worry as you are not locked-in to anything at this level.

It is a fact-finding meeting that allows us to understand your expectations and property while letting you know more about us.


Meet with Us at Your Home or Send Us Photos

After assessing the house and evaluating it using advanced buying tools, we will make a cash offer without any hidden charges or deductions upon closing. As cash home buyers, we offer cold hard cash, and we do not care about cleanups and general repairs that need to be made.

Once we purchase the property, we take care of everything. We allow you to stay in the house until the day of your choice. We can accommodate you if you want the money fast and do not have a place to live. We are also okay if you prefer to wait a while.


You Set Your Closing Date

After agreeing on a fair offer, we will send you your contract via email and give you a few days to review and accept it.

Once you accept the terms and sign the contract, we allow you to set the closing date to transfer the property. Once done with this process, we will transfer the funds in money wire, bank check, or certified funds.

We buy houses in Naples, Florida, all the time, so you do not have to worry about the legwork that is associated with selling your home. The only time we will require you to do anything is when signing the purchase agreement.

Who We Work With

Residents of Naples choose to sell their homes for various reasons. Our clientele belongs to different backgrounds that are in different situations. People sell to us for several reasons, including:

  • Possible foreclosure due to falling behind on mortgage payments
  • Hard to sell properties
  • Relocating to a new town or another house
  • Houses that need repair
  • Bad tenant situations
  • An inherited property that needs to sell quickly
  • An old house where the facelift is out of the owner’s financial reach

We have been in the Naples house buying market for a very long time, and we have seen it all. There is no situation that is new to us that we cannot handle. Whether you find it challenging to sell your childhood home the conventional way or you need the cash fast, we have you covered as cash home buyers.

We are in the business of buying houses in Naples because we understand how challenging it can be to go through conventional ways.

How We Sell Your Home Fast In Naples

As cash home buyers, it is our duty to make your home selling process in Naples as easy as possible. As we have stated in this article, our house-buying process comes in 3 simple steps that will shift you from where you are to where you wish to be.


Make an Appointment


Get an Offer


Sell Your Naples Home

The Importance of an As-Is Contract

We Purchase Homes in Naples

Many people who come to our offices tell us that they receive offers and bids on their houses immediately after posting them on the market. This is a common occurrence that happens all the time.

However, the challenge is that those proposals come with customized contracts that bind the seller to make costly repairs and cleanups to make the sale workable. As home buyers, we offer home-sellers a standard as-is purchase agreement recognized by the Florida Bar and Florida Realtors office.

The as-is purchase agreement protects house sellers from all repair and cleanup obligations. Do not be in haste to sign any contract; we advise house sellers to read and understand the deal and its financial ramifications before lifting their finger to sign.

Selling your house in Naples should be a seamless and stress-free process. Always settle for a contract that is beneficial to you.

We Share Our Proof of Funds

Unfortunately, the world is full of con men who are interested in only buying your house without having your best interest at hand. We advise our clientele to always ask their potential buyer for proof of funds with the current date when presented with a cash offer. This helps in knowing who is serious about buying your property.

We do not have any problem sharing with you our proof of funds. We have noticed that many home buying companies usually start dragging their feet whenever they are asked for proof of funds. Remember to always ask for this important document before coming to any agreement with a buyer.

We Purchase Homes in Naples Risk-Free, Worry-Free, Without Any Hidden Charges

As Home Buyers, we strive to make your home selling process as easy as possible. When you finally decide to partner with us, you do not have to worry about oppressive closing costs such as mailing costs, intangible tariffs, document stamp taxes, title search fees, closing agent fees, among many others.

We also do not require you to give 6 percent of the sale price realtor fee to us since we are the buyers.

Most importantly, we give you the power to decide when you want to get paid and close the sale. On average, we come through and close deals in Naples within 7 days. However, we are not limited to 7-days as we can extend the timeframe to suit what you need.

If you are a serious home seller and would like to avoid the usual hustle and bustles of putting your property on the market, give our professionals a try to get a fast cash offer.

Facts about Naples Florida

Naples, Florida, is a charming city that is home to about 20,000 permanent residents. Its population grows to about 300,000 people during the summer season. Found in sunny Southwest Florida, Naples is a natural and cultural county where the Gulf of Mexico’s clear waters meet white sandy beaches.

Naples is home to some of the world’s exquisite attractions and cultural events, making it a top destination harbor for visitors from around the world. Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a homeowner in Naples, Florida:

  • Has a rich history
  • Great outdoors
  • World-class golf courses
  • America’s best sunny beaches
  • Friendly neighborhood

Naples Florida Real Estate Market

Despite the global effects of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, the Naples real estate market surprisingly performs exceptionally well. According to LSI Cos founder and owner Randy Thibaut, Naples’ real estate market is one of the industry’s biggest trends.

Together with his son Justin Thibaut, LSI president, they shared their views during a virtual event on residential and commercial market trends. During the 10th annual conference, Randy stated that the infusion of 1.5 billion USD from the national government into the Southwest economy managed to cushion the real estate market.

However, the drop in mortgage interest rates to a record low of 3 percent and below spelled good tiding for real estate agents and companies.

And with many people forced to work from home, the office sector re-emerged after years of dormancy, with a surge of demand for office space. As the end of this pandemic draws closer, the Naples real estate market remains attractive to buyers and sellers of homes and properties.

We invite you to explore the Naples real estate market with us. There are over 5,000 residential listings on the county market, with prices favorable to anyone willing to invest in the area. Do not wait any longer; contact the FL Home Buyers professionals to kickstart your real estate journey with us.