We Buy Houses West Palm Beach

Each year, the housing market maintains it’s strength across the U.S. and West Palm Beach is no different. Though it is one of the strongest real estate markets in Florida, it is not always easy to sell your house fast, under fair terms, and at market value. That is, unless you work with cash home buyers such as FL Home Buyers. When you first make the decision to sell your house, it can be difficult to find a realtor that you trust. Furthermore, when you do begin to receive offers, they are oftentimes laden with tricky clauses and tend to be lower than what your home is actually worth.

We buy houses in West Palm Beach to help homeowners that would like to circumvent the typical pitfalls of selling their home. When you work with FL Home Buyers, you get a cash offer on your home, you don’t have to worry about giving a percentage of your sale to a real estate agent (we are the buyer), you can forget about closing costs, and you can rest assured knowing that your home will be sold quickly (our average time to close is seven days). If you are ready to sell your house in West Palm Beach but are not sure of where to start, give the cash home buyers at FL Home Buyers a call to schedule your appointment with us today. 

A triplex we recently purchased in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Housing Market

At the end of the year in 2019 the average home was being sold at $364,000. The record high for the housing market was back in 2005, with a median price of $421,500. These stats make West Palm Beach an extremely exciting area for real estate investors, and a great place to buy a home!

West Palm Beach is also home to Billionaire’s Row, which frequently breaks Florida records for most expensive homes sold. It remains one of the most desirable areas in the country for retirement.

The city is always working towards making the area even more desirable. With the Vision Zero initiative, the city aims to completely eliminate car accident fatalities by as early as 2030. Not to mention the constant addition of artwork to the city. Overall, many great steps are being taken every year to improve the appeal of the community. And from the Palm Beach Zoo to the Kravis Center, West Palm Beach has attractions for everyone.

How We Work

Tired of dealing with the murky and confusing process of selling your house? So are we. At FL Home Buyers, we buy houses in West Palm Beach fast! And we make selling your house both easy, and fair. Learn more about our three-step process below.


Schedule Your Appointment

Once you have scheduled your free appointment, our professionals will visit your West Palm Beach home and identify the opportunities that are available to you. It is important to note that you are not “locked-in” to anything at this point. It is an exploratory meeting that allows us to evaluate your property and gives you an opportunity to learn more about us. 


Receive Your Offer

We are cash home buyers which means we will make a cash offer to you. There are no closing costs and we don’t care about the repairs that need to be made. We will take care of everything once we have purchased the property. The offer will close on the day of your choosing. If you want to do it quickly, we can accommodate you. If you prefer to wait a while, we are okay with that too. 


Accept the Offer and Get Paid

You can forget about the typical legwork that is associated with selling your home. The only time we will ask you to lift a finger is when you sign the purchase agreement. That’s it. 

Who We Work With

People choose to sell their West Palm Beach homes for many reasons. We work with people from all types of backgrounds that are in varying situations. If your circumstances are unique, give us a call. There is a chance that we have dealt with it before and are ready to help you just like we have helped hundreds of our customers in the past. At FL Home Buyers, we buy houses in West Palm Beach and work with the following types of situations. 

  • Homes in subpar condition
  • Homeowners that wish to avoid foreclosure
  • Hard to sell properties
  • Properties that need to be sold quickly
  • Homes that currently have liens against them
  • Handling awful tenant situations
  • Work with various probate situations 

We’ve seen it all. There is no situation that we are not prepared to handle. Whether you need to move quickly or it’s just difficult for you to go through the traditional drawn-out process of selling your childhood home, we have got you covered. We buy houses in West Palm Beach because we understand how difficult it can be to go through traditional methods. 

Check Out Our “5 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast” PDF
A recent West Palm Beach purchase for FL Home Buyers
A typical home we pay cash for in West Palm Beach

Why It’s Important to Have an “As Is” Contract

Many of our West Palm Beach clients tell us that they received offers on their homes as soon as they put it on the market. This happens all the time. The problem is that those offers usually come with custom contracts that require the seller to make certain repairs (that are sometimes very costly) in order to make the sale viable. As cash home buyers, we use the standard “as is” purchase agreement that was created by the Florida Realtors and the Florida Bar. This contract indemnifies home sellers from all repair obligations. In their haste, some homeowners quickly sign the contract without understanding the financial ramifications. Selling your West Palm Beach home should be fast, easy, and headache-free. Ensure that your cash home buyer is using a contract that is beneficial to you. 

We Have Proof of Funds

Unfortunately, many people interested in purchasing a West Palm Beach home are not working in your best interest. When presented with an offer, ensure that you ask the potential buyer for proof of funds with today’s date. This will help you to decide who is actually serious about purchasing your home. At FL Home Buyers, we have no issues providing proof of finds and quickly cutting the check. In many cases, the moment you begin asking questions about the contract, proof of funds, etc. you will learn what type of company you are working with. 

Benefits of Working With Cash Home Buyers

At FL Home Buyers, we make selling your West Palm Beach home stress-free. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about financially burdensome closing costs such as document stamp taxes, closing agent fees, mailing costs, title search fees, intangible taxes, etc. Furthermore, you will not be required to give 6% of the sale price to a real estate agent. Since we are cash home buyers, there is no need for a real estate agent. Lastly, you are in control of when you want the sale to close. On average, we close on West Palm Beach homes within seven days. However, we are flexible and can extend that time if needed. If you are ready to sell your home in West Palm Beach without the usual headaches of putting your home on the market, give the professionals at FL Home Buyers a call to schedule your initial appointment and receive a cash offer today.